Kailyn Lowry SLAMS Jo Rivera For Negligent Parenting!

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Yesterday, we reported that Jo Rivera got engaged to Vee Torres, and his relationship with baby mama Kailyn Lowry is so amicable these days that the Teen Mom 2 star was among the first to offer the couple her congratulations.

But things weren't always so friendly between the parents of 6-year-old Isaac. 

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One of the most memorable scenes of last night's Teen Mom 2 Season 7 Episode 3 featured Kailyn losing it after learning that Jo had sent Isaac to school in his pajamas and without a bath.

“That’s really gross,” Kailyn ranted.“How Isaac is dressed and how people look at him is a direct reflection of us as parents. I’m already being judged times 10 because I was a teen parent.

"The last thing I need is for my son to look like he just rolled out of bed scratching his head and saying he hasn’t taken a bath since yesterday.”

When Kailyn and husband Javi Marroquin confronted Jo, things predictably turned ugly"

“It’s not okay for you to just show up,” Rivera screamed in a video shot on Kailyn's cell phone. “When I say that’s not okay, that’s not okay.”

“You cursed me out as soon as I walked in!" Lowry shot back. "You said, ‘Get the f--k out of my house!' I’m not okay with everything you’re doing because you don’t do anything!”

Marroquin got involved, prompting Rivera to shout, "Take care of your own f--king kid!"

"Obviously I’m worrying about your [child] cause you don’t do nothing!” Marroquin shot back.

All-in-all it was a reminder that even the relatively stable Teen Moms hit some pretty major rough patches now and then.

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