Kailyn Lowry Roasts Chris Lopez: You're Just a Part-Time Babysitter to Your Own Sons!

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Not even having two children together could make Kailyn Lowry and Chris Lopez get along.

Recently, Chris took shots at Kail, accusing her of deliberately having conflicts with him and not her other baby daddies.

But as Kailyn so thoroughly lays out in a recent Instagram rant, she's not the bad guy here.

She's not the one acting like a part-time babysitter instead of like an actual, adult parent.

Kailyn Lowry Lays Into Her Inadequate Ex

Lux is 4 years old (already!). Creed is 1 year old.

Kailyn Lowry and Chris Lopez aren't partners; they're co-parents.

Actually, they're struggling with the "co-" part. According to Kail, Chris is struggling with the "parent" part.

Lopez-Lowry Fight

The mother of four took to her Instagram to issue a thorough rant.

"The bar has been set really low for men," Kailyn said accurately of gendered parenting expectations.

"It's really annoying and tired," she expressed.

Kailyn Lowry Screen Capture

"And," Kailyn continued, "I'm over being called a bitter mom or I'm this."

"And I'm trying to keep my sons away from their dad," she said, parroting the accusations leveled at her.

Kailyn pointed the finger at Chris: "when you don't contribute financially,"

Chris Lopez Online

"When you don't know what the school schedule is," Kailyn accused her second baby daddy.

She added: "you don't know when doctor's appointments are..."

"Am I bitter or am I doing what I have to do for my children?" Kailyn quizzed. "You guys decide."

Kailyn Lowry on the Internet

"I also wanted to say if you're only taking care of the financial burden on your 2 per cent of time, you're not contributing," Kailyn announced.

"I'm sorry, but when I tell you how much the tuition is and you can't call to put some amount of money towards that..." she accused.

Becoming a parent comes with responsibilities, even if your partner is more affluent.

Chris Lopez in 2020

"My kids are your little brothers, that's what they are," Kailyn assessed.

She characterized Chris: "You become like a part-time babysitter."

"I shouldn't see you on a shed on Instagram Live," Kailyn scolded, "when you're supposed to be taking care of my kids."

Kail Goes Off

"If you want 50 per cent [custody] that means you have to do 50 per cent of the work," Kailyn pointed out.

"That means you call the school directly for information, you call the doctors," she explained.

Of course, someone already interested in and committed to being a good parent would hopefully already know this.

Chris Lopez Smiles

"I'm no longer holding a grown man's hand and walking him through fatherhood at 27, 28," Kailyn declared.

"You guys - all men - need to step up. Show up," she encouraged.

"I'm just so confused," Kail expressed, "like... a mom is just expected to do all of it and then the dad doesn't have to do anything."

Kailyn on Podcast

"No. Cut the s--t. Cut the s--t," Kailyn added.

"You're literally a part-time babysitter for your little brothers," she reiterated.

Kailyn added: "That's what's happening."


The reason, she explained, that Lincoln and Isaac's dads see them more often is because they're, you know, dads.

That is, Javi Marroquin and Jo Rivera are "physically and financially present" in their respective sons' lives.

"Jo and Javi have 50 per cent of their kids because they are present 50 per cent of the time - if not more - and they contribute 50 per cent of the time financially," Kail said.

Kailyn Lowry TikTok Photo

"So they walk the walk and they talk the talk," Kailyn explained.

"So I may not have liked it at first," she said, "but I was able to give up the 50 per cent because they were doing what they were saying they were going to do."

"They were present financially and physically," Kailyn noted. "I'm honestly sick of the 'Kail is the problem'. I'm sick of it. I'm so tired of it."

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