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For what seems like the billionth time, Kailyn Lowry and Chris Lopez are broken up, even though she is pregnant with his child … again.

Some fans are disappointed. Others are rejoicing at the toxic relationship’s (latest) end. But how does Kail feel?

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"When people ask me how it feels to be single and pregnant," Teen Mom star Kailyn Lowry captions a recent TikTok.

As she sits in the car while filming herself, Kail listens calmly to a Lil Uzi Vert song.

Then, as the song continues, she mouths the words to key lyrics that answer the question.

"There’s no emotion on my face," Kailyn mouths along with the song, "’cause I’m numb." We have included the video in this post.

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"Aren’t you always single and pregnant? Lol," mocked one fan in the comments.

Kailyn was less amused than the commenter, it seems.

"Hmm considering I’ve been in a relationship or married every time, no," she clapped back.

Kail only has three baby daddies, folks. It’s not impossible to keep track.

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"Do you just get pregnant with no intentions on staying with the dude?" another fan accused.

The fan continued: "I mean it’s happened a lot more than an average person I feel."

Kail was so tired of hearing it that she wrote: "Ugh, we were on and off for 5 years and this is our second child."

"Don’t comment if you don’t know," she admonished her critics.

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Another comment instructed her to "tie them tubes" in order to avoid this same situation happening again.

"Nah. I’m good," Kail retorted.

Is that probably good advice? Sure.

But no one gets to dictate what someone else does with their reproductive organs, folks.

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When a fan asked for clarification on whether this was Kailyn’s last baby, readers were in for a shock.

"Nah," Kailyn replied.

She has already spoken about the idea of having more kids.

In particular, Kail has mentioned her desire to one day have a girl, even if it means going to great lengths to do so.

Kailyn Lowry and Trio of Kids

Kail says that she will happily do sex selection for Baby #5.

This means that eggs and sperm from whichever baby daddy Kail is on by that point, either Chris Lopez or someone else would be harvested.

In a lab, fertility specialists would form embryos, and they would look at the chromosomal pairings.

While sex expression is complicated and there are six different combos that determine sex characteristics, doctors would look for an XX embryo.

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Some would suggest that Kailyn should worry less about having a daughter and just focus on the children she has.

(To be fair, Kail absolutely and unquestionably loves her sons)

It is a little odd to hear her talking about choosing the sex of a future baby when she is also, alarmingly, an anti-vaxxer.

Anti-vaxx ideology often hinges upon imagined impurities within vaccines and is intrinsically rooted in a fear of science.

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The reason that fans are giving Kail a hard time about her breakup from Chris Lopez is that many of them saw this coming.

He’s not, you know, a good dude. The guy once burned her book on camera. He’s been reluctant to acknowledge paternity.

But you know what? Lots of people have terrible taste in partners.

Giving Kail a hard time won’t make her wake up one morning and start having kids with guys who will give her the love that she deserves.