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David Letterman bidding farewell may have stolen all the headlines in late-night television on May 20, and for a very good reason.

But James Corden still followed The Late Show with The Late Late Show – and he managed to make at least one major headline of his own:

By singing car karaoke with Justin Bieber!

Like Mariah Carey and Jennifer Hudson before him, Bieber rode shotgun while Corden drove to work.

Justin looked a bit awkward at first, but then his smash hit “Baby” came on the radio and everything changed.

Bieber and Corden went on to dance in perfect synchrony, while singing and rapping their way through a string of Bieber classics,

There were also jokes about Justin Bieber being shirtless a lot, mixed in with chatter about girls, sex and sloppy song lyrics.

Watch for yourself above!