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Well done, Justin Bieber. Very, very, VERY well done.

The artist made an appearance on Fox’s new reality show this week, Knock Knock Live, surprising a young boy and his father and gifting them with something pretty amazing.

In the clip featured here, Bieber stops by a church and spends time with a hip hop artist named Nakia.

He’s the single father of a boy with Down Syndrome named Noah.

Check out this sneak peek to see Bieber’s nearly brought to tears by Nakia and his little boy rapping… to see Bieber teach the toddler how to play the drums… and then to see Bieber present the family with a check for $50,000.

Yup. It turns out Bieber can do more than just strip down and sizzle inside the pages of a magazine.

Note: In another clip from the same show, Bieber pays a visit to a girl stricken with meningitis. Justin danced with her and gave her mom $10,000 for medical bills.