Justin Bieber Has Epiphany, Acts Like Jesus in a Tree

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We're a little worried about Justin Bieber.

He's just... been acting a little odd lately.

Earlier this week, he said he feels "like a zoo animal" when fans take photos of him and announced a new no-picture policy.

Then he was seen in Boston wandering around a park shoeless and feeding the squirrels.

What's going on?

Well, sources close to the Biebs tell TMZ that all the touring he's been doing has taken its toll and he feels he's "lost his center."

They say he's had an "epiphany" of sorts and wants to move away from the nightclub scene and reconnect with religion and nature.

Earlier this week, he was seen sprawled out solo on the lawn of the Canadian Parliament building and, true to his word, refused a pic with a fan.

In the video below, he hangs out in a tree, spreading his arms out like Jesus on the cross.

Justin does seem committed to his spiritual reawakening, as he just got a face tattoo of a small cross underneath his left eye, a move that had fans freaking out because OMG HIS FACE.

He also paid homage to God in a recent Instagram post, sharing a heavenly photo and praising the big guy in the caption.

"I am so glad God is able to move even when people are blind to it," he wrote. "I am the one on that stage but I am nothing without a light shining through."

"I’m such an average, ordinary person that doesn’t deserve the praise," he continued.

"I believe it belongs to my God! Thank you God for showing up when we need you the most!"

We hope Justin finds his peace and heals his soul, whether it's in a tree or wherever.

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