June Shannon Returns to Instagram, SHOCKS Fans With Missing Tooth

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Even with her family begging her to return home, Mama June Shannon is still wrapped around her awful boyfriend's finger.

But she has returned to Instagram. Unfortunately, her appearance has only magnified the fears of fans.

June Shannon RETURNS to Instagram

"I am BACK," Mama June Shannon announces in the captions of her first post to Instagram since January.

"And," she writes, "Boombod is right here with me!"

Boombod is a common product among reality stars who are willing to promote weight loss brands to their followers for money.

The video that she included beside her caption is pitching Boombod to her fans.

Shannon, Mama June

"Heard so many great things about this program," June claims.

"So it’s time to give it a try," she alleges, "and see what it can do for these cravings."

It's been known for many weeks that June, who has appeared to be desperate for more money for months, wanted to do paid Instagram promotions.

It looks like Boombod is willing to associate its brand with her -- and that she is willing to associate hers with them.

June Shannon Looks Odd

"Wanna do it with me?" she challenges her followers.

She adds: "Grab a box while they have BOGO FREE tonight!"

Not everyone is willing to delve into the shady business of pushing dubious weight loss products on social media.

But fans are much more concerned with June herself.

June Shannon in Tears

It's clear that she did her best with her own makeup, which is why the front of her face is a little on the orange side.

Very conspicuously, June does not seem to have all of her teeth.

Some moderate weight gain is her business, of course, but it does help illustrate how much time has passed since her pricey glow-up.

The state of her hair and the fact that she appeared to be broadcasting from a bland, short-term rental did not reassure followers.

Geno Doak with Mama

"Mama, no. Your teeth are gone," observes one commenter. "Why? You were so pretty!"

"My god, what happened to you?" asks a Brazilian fan.

Many commenters noticed her different appearance, including the very conspicuous dental aspect of it.

Others mistakenly assumed that June was back with her family. That is tragically not the case.

June Shannon is a Mess

In fact, June may have recorded this at a casino in Hollywood, Florida, where she has been spotted in recent days.

Eyewitnesses have characterized her behavior, saying that she wanders around aimlessly in that area.

Notably, most people are taking precautions (if not living on full lockdown) in light of the coronavirus pandemic.

June has been described as seemingly unbothered, though we cannot say what she thinks of COVID-19, or if she is even aware of it in her current state.

June Kises Geno

Recent teasers for From Not To Hot: Family Crisis may be to blame, as they tease the question about "when Mama comes home."

Folks, we would all love for June Shannon to return home to her family and get her life back in order.

At present, given her choices regarding Geno, finances, and crack cocaine, there is a real fear that she will only return to Georgia in a casket.

We don't like to think such grim thoughts, but between the alleged bloody fights with Geno and concerns over drug use, everyone is worried.

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