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Mama June Shannon has looked like death itself recently as she remains separated from her family and glued to the hip of her awful boyfriend.

In a new promo for From Not To Hot: Family Crisis, her family begs her to come back to them, and highlights the milestones that she is missing.

Alana Thompson Begs June Shannon to Come Home

"Dear mama," Alana "Honey Boo Boo" Thompson begins recording in the new promo.

"My life is changing like crazy," she points out.

Alana continues: "I mean, I even started high school."

"And," she expresses, "I just really wish you were here."

"Dear Mama," Lauryn "Pumpkin" Shannon’s video begins.

"Ella’s about to be in her first pageant," she says of her little cutie, who is of course June’s grandbaby.

"And," Laurny ctoninues, "we really wish you were here to see it."

A number of countries have thankfully outlawed child pageants. Sadly, the US has yet to do so.

"Dear Mama," Josh Efird says to the camera from the same angle.

"Your daughters have been driving me crazy while you’ve been gone," he jokes.

Remember, Lauryn took in Alana long before June vanished, because Alana no longer felt safe at home.

Josh expresses: "We need you back here with us."

June Shannon Bawls

All three speakers then ask, together, "what’s it going to be like" when June returns to her family.

June distanced herself from her family when she refused their intervention and declined to go to rehab, largely out of her fixation on Geno.

Since then, she spiraled further out of control, selling off her furniture and her conspicuously damaged home.

June has been kicked out of hotels, spotted pawning jewelry for quick cash, and appears to have lost control of her life.

Shannon, Mama June

Spoiler alert, folks: do not get your hopes up for Mama June to answer these pleas.

Everything that we will see on From Not To Hot: Family Crisis was filmed months ago.

The trailers have made that clear to anyone who has followed June’s downward spiral over the past year.

All signs point to, in real time, June still being on a drug-fueled bender with Geno.

June Shannon Looks Odd

It’s sort of funny to watch this promo and know that these are real people talking about a real person, but filming it for a promo.

When watching reality TV, it’s always helpful to step back and think about what’s going through people’s minds.

Their family is really, truly in a crisis.

But they film things like this — a scripted plea — because it’s all part of show business.

We don’t mean to sound too grim, because it is always possible that June could turn things around.

But at the moment, people are worried that the "next" update about June, whether it comes tomorrow or in a few months or next year, will be the last.

June may be a grandmother, but she is only 40 years old.

There is time for her to turn things around and extend her life … but only if she seizes the chance and cleans up her act.