June Shannon Gets Family Stalked by Thugs Over Drug Debts!

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June Shannon's downward spiral was frightening to her loved ones, and not just because they feared that she would die.

In addition to selling off her family's belongings to fuel her drug binges, June went into debt with the wrong people.

Doe Doe Shannon hears scary news

Family friend Big Mike sat down with Doe Doe, June's sister, on the latest episode of Mama June: Family Crisis.

"I just heard through the grapevine that [June] owes the wrong people a lot of f--king money," Big Mike warns.

"Back in the day," he confides, "I ran with the wrong crowd and the wrong people."

Mike shares that these are "the same people that, matter of fact, June and them mess with."

Big Mike - she owes the wrong people a lot of money

'I know some of these guys they’re f--king with and they’re gonna get them," Mike fears.

'I’m telling you," he says to the camera, "you best pay up."

Big Mike then recalls having been shot and stabbed multiple times and being beaten up with a baseball bat.

The implications are not good for June or for her family.

Big Mike - used to run with the wrong crowd

Assuming that neither Mike's concerns nor the entire situation are cooked up for drama ...

... Mike has a conspicuous swastika tattoo which is why his arms are always covered or blurred.

Was her previously affiliated with a gang of white neo-nazis? Such gangs are often a source of hard drugs in the rural South.

(By the way, there are charities that help people remove racist tattoos that Big Mike could go to ... just saying)

Big Mike - tried to warn June about Geno

Big Mike claims that he was concerned from the start of June's romance with Geno that she might get into trouble.

Geno, he says, tends to act up and, when he does, it's always a disaster.

Did he really warn June of that or is this just hindsight and reality TV drama talking?

Either way, he tells "June" (the camera) that he told her so.

Big Mike - June has lost everything

They then talk about how June has lost everything but her life and her house itself.

(Fortunately, she is still alive, but the part about her home ownership has changed dramatically since this scene was filmed)

Mike predicts that these dangerous men will inevitably find a way to get to her -- directly or indirectly.

Meanwhile, Doe Doe concludes that this is why June did not show up to court, out of fear that these men would follow her.

Alana Thompson and Lauryn Shannon See What Joshua Efird Has to Show Them

But June maintaining her own physical safety for the time being is not enough to free her family from the consequences of her actions.

They have barely had time to process the knowledge that June has sold some of their belongings.

Lauryn says that she has seen the same suspicious car outside of the driveway.

Coupled with the knowledge that June has gone into debt with the wrong people, they decide to play it safe.

Lauryn Shannon Hears Some Alarming News

Lauryn speaks to production and they determine that it may be safer for the time being to go to a hotel.

There seems to be a real fear of physical, violent retaliation in an effort to send a message to June.

Again, this storyline seems almost unbelievable to some of us, to the point where it seems like an invention of production to add drama.

But then ... June's life has been so different from most people's. She grew up eating roadkill. This could be legit, right?

Shannon, Mama June

Vicious loan shark goons or not, if June misses her next court date, there will be a warrant out for her arrest.

Additionally, Alana enters Lauryn's daughter into a child beauty pageant, because those are still unfortunately legal.

(It's not Alana's fault that she hasn't fully processed how damaging that industry is on children. Most kids do not get rich and famous from it)

Meanwhile, Jennifer Lamb enters her own granddaughter into the pageant, with worse results. LOL.

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