June Shannon: Selling Her Kids' Belongings to Fuel Drug Binge?

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Very few reports about June Shannon contain any good news these days, and sadly, the latest update is no exception.

Shannon's issues with addiction have been well-documented on her TLC series, and on Sunday night's episode of Mama June: From Not to Hot, viewers were updated on exactly how far the reality star has fallen.

June Shannon Speaks at the Beach

Earlier this year, Shannon shamelessly sold off possessions belonging to her children and grandchildren in order to fund her drug habit.

Sunday's episode showed her devastated family dealing with the fallout of June's actions.

“She’s got the drug problem,” said Jennifer Lamb, wife of June's ex, Mike Thompson.

“So if you’re out of money, you’ve got to do something to make money.”

Jennifer Lamb is Happy to Play the Villain

June was heartbreakingly brazen in her actions, selling her kids' clothes and shoes on social media and then posting pics of herself flashing the cash she made from the sale.

Sadly, her kids have become accustomed to such callously selfish behavior.

Sunday's episode found Lauryn and Alana Thompson in damage-control mode.

Having essentially given up on trying to get their old mother back, June's daughters have resorted to trying to minimize the harm done by her actions.

Lauryn Shannon Hears Some Alarming News

“Mama’s already skipped out on rehab twice and it doesn’t look like she’s doing anything to try to redeem herself before court,” Lauryn said in a confessional segment.

“So whatever shady sh-t’s she’s got going on gives me more reason to keep Alana and Ella away from her.”

Meanwhile, Alana continued to seek out stability, only to find her life once again in a state of upheaval due to Mama June's addiction.

“I just think it’s crazy,” Alana said at one point.

Alana Thompson Does Not Like What She is Hearing

“Because I had to leave my own house, where I lived . . . because Mama is a stupid idiot.”

Thankfully, Alana was able to find a stable living situation with her sister.

Unfortunately, there might be more bad news on the way for June and her long-suffering family.

Shannon and her fiance, Geno Doak, are currently awaiting trial for a number of drug-related charges.

Mama June and Geno Doak

Their court date has been delayed indefinitely due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The latest updates on June have been something of a mixed bag.

Earlier this month, Shannon flaunted her weight loss and other improvements in her appearance, including a new set of teeth.

Shortly thereafter, however, she posted a fuzzy, confusing video which led many fans to the conclusion that she was under the influence.

It remains unclear if June is still using, and there are lingering questions regarding her living situation.

Shannon and Doak have been kicked out of several hotels in recent months, and the couple was recently spotted in Florida. 

These days, it seems that June and Geno are living a hardscrabble existence "on the road."

And sadly, that's probably just fine by Alana and Lauryn, who likely welcome the stability that they can only find when there's some distance between themselves and their mother.

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