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Now that thousands, including beloved celebrities, have tested positive for Coronavirus, some Americans are finally taking this global pandemic seriously.

But not everyone is using common sense. See the 22-year-old TikTok star going viral (pun intended) for licking an airplane toilet seat.

TikTok star Ava Louise is an influencer from Miami, and the young Florida Woman certainly influenced something this week.

In the deeply upsetting video that she uploaded to both TikTok and Twitter, Ava licks what is clearly an airplane toilet seat.

The music playing over the video sings "It’s Corona time," in reference to the drink, not the COVID-19 virus. We think.

But the video’s caption, "Coronavirus Challenge," leaves no doubt – or peace – in anyone’s minds.

Though the video no longer appears on TikTok, even the version that she uploaded to Twitter has hundreds of thousands of views.

"Please RT this so people can know how to properly be sanitary on the airplane," she captions the video.

Louise is clearly baiting people with outrage in order to increase her online footprint.

And we can assure you that it’s working.

Photo via Instagram

After Ava shared the video on Saturday, March 14, Twitter raised holy hell in response.

"It’s sad that elderly will likely die," one reply remarked, "and people like this will live."

"Nice way to get sick dummy. There is more than covid 19 on that toilet seat," warned another.

Another tweet added: "She may want invest in toilet paper for those horrible stomach bugs she just licked up."

Photo via Instagram

"I just want to say, this isn’t worth it," another follower of hers admonished.

"You don’t have to lick toilet seats for Internet likes to feel good about yourself"

"Ppl will like anything. It doesn’t define you or your worth," the tweet continued.

"Don’t endanger yourself & others for the attention of strangers. Love yourself."

"Someone seems a little desperate for attention," another observed.

"I don’t care if the internet cancles me," Ava wrote in another post. If that’s a typo, it’s not on our end.

"I can recover from anything cuz of hot girl privalege," she asserted. That is also not a typo.

In fact, we suspect that Ava is making deliberate spelling errors — in both cases, on key words — for the same reason that she licked a toilet seat.

She knows that this will enrage people, which will get people talking and drive engagement with her posts.

Obviously, there are ways that this "coronavirus challenge" could be staged, as most "challenges" certainly are.

Some (most) of us would be too repulsed to lick a freshly cleaned, never-used, straight-off-the-assembly-line toilet.

Assuming she wasn’t granted access to a new private plane she may have first used cleaning products on the thing.

Photo via Instagram

Honestly? Even if the act was staged and (relatively) sanitary, it’s still pretty vile – and super uncool for other reasons/

The real danger of stunts ike this, after all, may stem from wannabe influencers rather than from actual influencers.

Remember the "Tide Pod challenge" of 2018?

The Hollywood Gossip

This was, of course, fake. Until it wasn’t.

Social influencers in search of fans used editing or, in some cases, homemade candy made to look like detergent.

Unfortunately, some impressionable, and slightly stupid young people tried it … and ended up ingesting bleach.

Anyway, here’s the toilet tonguing: