June Shannon: Still On a Bender With Geno Doak?!

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About a month ago, Mama June Shannon was spotted pawning a diamond ring for petty cash. Before that, she was getting kicked out of hotels.

As he downward spiral continues, this fallen millionaire and her awful boyfriend has resurfaced ... in Florida.

Geno Doak with June

TMZ reports that Mama June Shannon and Geno Doak were spotted at a Golden Corral in Florida.

The buffet restaurant was located in Fort St. Lucie, a mid-sized city in Florida located about 110 miles north of Miami.

Fort St. Lucie is noted for being a place where Megan Fox lived for part of her childhood (her family moved there when she was 10).

June and Geno had been hotel-hopping and pawning off things in Georgia. Maybe they ran out of Georgia hotels?

June Shannon Looks Odd

According to TMZ's report, June and Geno showed up with a massive group -- about 25 people.

While they've been said to be traveling in a group and staying in hotels (on June's dime), it's unclear where their apparent companions originated.

The eyewitness reports that June and Geno were recognized by some patrons, but allowed to dine in peace.

Still, even a relatively normal dining experience is cause for concern when it comes to June's pattern of behavior.

June Shannon and Geno Doak

Now, people can be judgmental about Golden Corral. Even here in the South, most of us wouldn't be caught dead in one.

Eating at a buffet too often can be unhealthy, particularly for someone who previously lost more than half of their body weight.

I mean, you don't go to a buffet to eat, but to overeat. June had a whole show about her impressive body transformation.

But while people may be concerned about June's health, it's not anyone's business. And overeating is small change beside crack cocaine.

Mama June Shannon Pic

No, the real issue here is ... why? Why are they in Florida? Port St. Lucie isn't exactly a huge tourist trap for Florida vacationers.

Last month, June pawned a ring in Stockbridge, Georgia.

That is a whopping 533 miles from Port St. Lucie. By car, that's nearly an 8 hour drive.

Even if they didn't make this journey all at once ... why go at all?

June Shannon Wants a Kiss

June vanishing from the public eye and then resurfacing in Florida still shows that she is, contrary to what recent teasers hint, away from her family.

Geno drove a wedge between June and her daughters, and June widened the gap with her reckless behavior.

When her loved ones tried to stage an intervention, June refused to go to any overnight facility.

Why? Because she was terrified that Geno would leave without her company and without her money to keep him close.

June Shannon Says She's Getting Better

Recently, June posted a very encouraging selfie that appeared to show her in better health than she had been in months.

Her caption at the time indicated that she was back to focusing on herself and her well-being and was no longer in a freefall.

But her family recognized the photo -- it was two years old. She had not cleaned up her act at all.

According to family sources, all that June was doing was posting a pic in the hopes that she could make money from Instagram ads.

Geno Doak with Mama

From Not to Hot: Family Crisis teased June's return, but it's nothing more than a teaser.

June is not an active participant in that season, on the grounds that she cannot be trusted with a reality TV salary.

Her family knows, and WeTV know, that June would immediately spend it all on Geno, his friends, and very likely on drugs.

Our hearts go out to June's loved ones as they continue to watch her life spiral out of control. We hope that she wakes up before it's too late.

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