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The promo for Part 2 of the 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? Season 6 Tell All teased big news from Jovi and Yara.

But couple still has a lot to process from their on-screen struggles during their season.

One of their final struggles this season showed the pair at an anniversary dinner … and then at a strip club.

Jovi is trying to explain himself … but his castmates aren’t buying it.

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Part 2 will include the stars rewatching this low moment in the couple’s marriage.

The cast will relive the couple’s visit to an after-dinner strip club, where things quickly turned sour.

As fans remember all too vividly, Yara — just months after giving birth — became uncomfortable when the stripper’s top came down.

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Yara told Jovi that she was ready to leave, seemingly to no avail.

Instead of standing up to leave with his wife, Jovi blew a kiss to the topless stripper.

A furious Yara then appeared to swat at Jovi’s head or even slap him and then storm out.

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Notably, multiple viewers have noted that we appear to have seen multiple "takes" of this incident, likely indicating that production meddling was involved.

That is a bit of a relief for many fans, because actual domestic violence is a horror.

A stage slap during a moment of genuine emotional distress is in poor taste, but so is a lot of reality television trickery.

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At the Tell All, Yara reveals the context of that night — it was their anniversary dinner.

Some fans are divided, believing that women like Yara and Tiffany "complain too much" about their husbands’ shortcomings.

But Yara and Jovi’s castmates are not exactly divided. They are united in being Team Yara, and aren’t afraid to let Jovi hear it.

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This issue is so one-sided that even Andrei Castravet is one of the voices of reason.

"You took a postpartum mother, she just gave birth, to a strip club," he points out. "Like, on your anniversary."

Andrei tells Jovi: "You got it easy. You got it easy with a slap. Like, what is it with the strip club, seriously?"

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Jovi has been frequenting strip clubs for years, and has been visibly resistant to changing his lifestyle now that he is a married father.

"Strip clubs are fun!" he counters defensively.

"I just wanted to spice things up a little bit," Jovi adds.

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"We had a — I don’t want to say a boring time," Jovi says, barely saving himself.

"It’s just we had [our daughter] Mylah, we were spending a lot of time staying at home," he explains.

"She was getting crazy when I was going to work because she wanted to go out and we hadn’t had that opportunity," Jovi continues.

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"So while we had a babysitter, I wanted to take advantage of that," Jovi said.

Notably, Jovi’s mother Gwen Eymard, who is universally beloved by fans, accompanied them to Miami to babysit Mylah.

"And do something fun," Jovi continued, "and do something different that we don’t normally do."

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There is some nuance here, especially since Yara did agree to go to the strip club.

She admitted herself that she agreed to Jovi’s suggestion because he had accused her of being boring, and wanted to prove him wrong.

It distressed her that Jovi did not leave when she wanted to, especially since he had agreed to.

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Jovi thought that it was nuts to leave so early, and assumed that it would be fine to at least stay long enough to finish his drink.

Why finishing his drink, in his mind, involved blowing a kiss at the stripper … we don’t know.

It’s important to care about your spouse’s feelings and to be able to assess which of you is being reasonable or unreasonable.

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I cannot personally explain Jovi’s fascination with strip clubs.

I don’t go, and the only people I know who do go do so because they work there, and are not customers.

But strippers on social media are familiar with the phenomenon of regular customers bringing a girlfriend or wife with them.

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If the wife is having a good time, anecdotal accounts from strippers say that it’s great for everyone involved.

The couple has a great time. The stripper often makes more money. That’s a win-win-win right there.

If the wife or girlfriend is there reluctantly, however, it’s a miserable and awkward situation for just about everyone.

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Jovi is not a stupid man. He should have considered that there is more to Yara’s discomfort.

She is a nursing mom who has undergone changes to her body, some permanent, after childbirth.

Maybe watching her husband gawk at another woman’s bare breasts was not a great anniversary dinner activity.