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Even though Milania Giudice wishes that she could see her dad more often, he has been torn from his family and the life that he knew.

Now, Joe has put out an odd yet inspiring Valentine’s Day message. And yes, there is also a video.

Joe Giudice from Italy

Joe Giudice is celebrating Valentine’s Day with an Instagram video.

In the video that we have attached, the camera pans over a nighttime view of one of Rome’s most breathtaking landmarks: La Fontana di Trevi.

(If I called it "The Trevi Fountain" my old AP Art History teacher will instantly know and will hunt me for sport)

During the video, the audio is a brief clip of the song "I’ll Make Love To You," by Boys II Men. It’s extremely ’90s.

Joe Giudice with a Daughter

Aside from a nod to his physical location, nothing about the short video seems particularly relevant to his accompanything text.

"‘Rome was not built in one day,’" Joe paraphrases at the beginning of his Instagram caption.

"I am focusing on the habits," he announces.

Joe affirms: "That is more important than worrying about the outcomes."

Joe Giudice with a Selfie

"I am thinking about a step by step plan for my goal," Joe writes. "(not vice-versa)."

"I used to say yeah this is the money maker," he recalls.

Joe characterizes this as a mistake ":which set my mind to believe outcome without putting in work!"

“You must show up," he suggests, "and have a step by step plan to have successful outcome!"

Joe Giudice Sees His Girls Again

"You don’t have to build everything you want today," Joe says, tying the subject back in to the building of Rome.

He adds: "but you do have to find a way to lay each to build your empire successful!"

Joe then includes the hashtags: "#goals #rebuildingmyself #changehabits."

None of this explains his song choice.

Joe Giudice Selfie

Joe is absolutely right — at least when it comes to Rome.

Rome was originally an Etruscan village, only gradually expanding into the glory that it once was.

Arguably, Rome was built in 1,000 years, little-by-little, as its population and political importance increased.

Even if we narrow that build time to mere centuries, it’s clear that Joe’s projects will need to be much faster.

Joe Giudice and Family

Joe was born in Italy, but his family brought him to the US just months later. 

He may have never become a citizen, but he is an American. He is still adjusting to Italy and to his new life there.

In light of that dramatic move and the circumstances of his incarceration, he has to take a new approach to life and business.

If he’s smart and also very very lucky, he could build himself a monumental new fortune.

Joe Giudice and Milania Giudice by the Sea

Right now, his whole family is adjusting to this sudden and very permanent change.

Joe is exiled to Italy and cannot return to the US without a massive change in immigration policy.

His four daughters have to cope with his absence.

Each are adjusting in their own way. For Gia, it’s about losing a huge part of her life. For Audriana, it’s about having so few memories of him.

For Audriana and Milania — and for all of them — it’s about losing their father to a cruel and unjust system.