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It’s no secret that Ashley Judd is a good person who lends her voice and platform to positive political causes when she can.

This week, presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren tweeted out a short, simple campaign video featuring the famed actress.

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"My friend @AshleyJudd made a few calls to people who chipped in a few dollars to our campaign," Warren writes.

"I’m proud that our campaign is grassroots," she affirms, "built by people, not Super PACs or billionaires."

"Chip in $3 tonight," the U.S. Senator’s tweet suggests, "and Ashley could call you to say thanks!"

Elizabeth Warren for President
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"Hi y’all, I’m Ashley Judd, and I am so proud to support Elizabeth Warren for President of the United States," her video begins.

Ashley quotes: "Elizabeth has a plan for that."

"And right now," Ashley says, "our plan is to make calls to grassroots donors to thank them for chipping in 3 bucks, 5 bucks."

"Whatever you can afford."

The 51-year-old star explains that she’s making these calls "because Elizabeth is the best President money cannot buy."

Within the video itself, Ashley looks slightly different than she did, not only in ’90s movies but as recently as 2017.

Though still easily recognizable, her face looked a little puffier than in the past – and a bunch of Twitter denizens lost it.

Here’s where it gets weirder. Dean Cain, of all people, is on the defensive, insisting that he’s not one of the people trolling Judd.

Cain, whose awful politics are at this point better known than his acting credentials, quote-tweeted the tweet and video.

"I’m not exactly sure what to say here…" Dean writes.

"I certainly have nothing positive to say, so I’ll be quiet."

Ashley Judd Elizabeth Warren Video

"If you were being quiet, you wouldn’t have drawn attention to it," one reply on Twitter correctly points out to the actor.

"Just be open about your hating on someone else, like all the people in the comments," the Twitter user admonishes Dean.

"Ms. Judd has chronic health problems and gets puffy from the medications sometimes. Way to be judgmental."

But Dean insists that dangling bait for his hateful followers is totally different from attacking her looks himself.

"I know her, and I’m very judgmental of her preferred candidate’s policies," Dean gripes.

Well, of course he is.


He’s on the board of the NRA. He’d be hard-pressed to name a primary candidate who’s a bigger threat to him than Warren.

"They would directly and adversely affect the nation I love and call home," he gripes incorrectly.

Dean then says: "You can rant about her looks all you like – thats on you."

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"She’s got moon face," a person bluntly explains in response to another user’s question about Ashley Judd’s looks.

"It’s the result of steroids for the treatment of several chronic illnesses," they say, "or because of illnesses themselves."

"I wouldn’t want to speculate," the Twitter denizen adds. "Unlike these other heartless bastards here."

"Then again, they’re Dean Cairn’s fans," the tweet concludes. "He’s a big fat 0 for brains."

Even though this tweet was not addressing Dean Cain at all, he of course decided to reply.

"I said nothing about her looks," he once again insists, responding for no reason at all.

"My problem is she supports the policies of Elizabeth Warren," Dean claims. "But you just keep going on, making up stories…"

"Moon face" may sound like a cruel term, but it refers to swelling in the face, often associated with medicinal steroid use.

Obviously, it’s a shame that so many people were determined to bring it up.

It is hard to imagine that Dean Cain quote-tweeted the video without predicting that some of his followers would be unkind about her looks.

He could just be playing dumb. He’s an actor, after all.

But maybe the tweet saying that Dean is "a big fat 0 for brains" was right?