Joe Exotic: See Tiger King Star's Three-Way Wedding to Travis! And John!

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Those fascinated by Tiger King have already heard from Joe Exotic's current husband, Dillon Passage. But Joe has been married before.

For the first time, the full video of his polyamorous wedding to both John Finlay and Travis Maldonado.

Travis Maldonado, Joe Exotic, and John Finlay Wedding Pic

"This video contains images that are graphic in nature," the video's opening graphic teases.

"Some scenes may also contain recreations," the gag continues. "Viewer discretion is advised."

Music -- specifically Joe Exotic's single, "I Saw A Tiger," begins to play over the video.

What we're seeing is the buildup to Joe's wedding to John Finlay and Travis Maldonado.

Joe Exotic Polyamorous Wedding Ceremony

The full Joe Exotic video is 23 minutes long.

A lot of it is just Joe picking out the outfits, including flamingo pink dress shirts.

Joe's own outfit includes a cowboy hat and a holstered pistol at his hip to complete the ensemble.

The wedding itself had a rustic flair, from being set under florescent lights to the deliberately rural decor.

joe exotic 2014 wedding monkey in a dress

Also as you can imagine, the wedding involved animals.

No tigers were harmed in the making of this video -- which may be a first in Joe Exotic's life, unfortunately.

But there was a monkey in a dress among the "guests."

And the rings-bearer was also a monkey, though with some human help.

joe exotic 2014 wedding ring bearer monkey

As for the ceremony itself, Joe, John, and Travis were married on a platform overlooking the crowd.

The officiant gives a sweet if lengthy speech, part of which acknowledges the rarity of a three-person marriage.

They have a very thoughtful candle-lighting ceremony that really ties the union together.

The grooms kiss and then the reception begins.

joe exotic 2014 wedding candle lighting

Of course, this wedding did not lead to a happily ever after.

Several years after this was filmed, Travis died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound that was very nearly caught on camera.

John ended up striking up a romance with one of the zoo's receptionists.

The two of them ended up welcoming a child together. John and Joe have not spoken since 2018.

joe exotic 2014 wedding cakes

Joe would love, and marry, again, meeting Dillon Passage on Grindr and then setting up a date.

Dillon was swept off of his feet and, two weeks later, the two of them were married.

This was mere months before Joe was carted off to prison, where he is currently serving a 22-year sentence.

Joe was convicted on multiple counts of animal cruelty and for his murder-for-hire plot.

joe exotic 2014 wedding reception pic

There are a lot of sketchy things about Joe, from the ages and addictions to the young men in his life to his heinous treatments of animals.

The three-man marriage itself is, with all of that aside, very sweet, and polyamorous relationships are on the rise.

It's not so much a trend as it is that more people are realizing that they will never be happy with just one partner.

That said, it is certainly not for everyone. Especially given the sort of man who Joe is.

joe exotic 2014 wedding cake feeding

Allegedly, there were hours of footage showing Joe doing monstrous things to animals -- footage that was lost when the building housing it mysteriously burned down.

Joe insists that he can say the n-slur and many see him as a sexual opportunist at best, quickly marrying attractive but psychologically vulnerable young men.

No matter how entertaining Tiger King may have been, it's important to remember the sort of man that Joe really is.

Polyamorous triads can find better representation, don't you think?

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