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Their marriage may be long over, but Jim Edmonds continues to take shots at Meghan King Edmonds.

This time, he is making a couple of seemingly contradictory claims regarding Meghan’s threeway cheating accusations.

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On Monday, Jim Edmonds sat down for a remote interview with Andy Cohen on his talk show, Radio Andy.

"Was there something about the threeways or were you trying to have them," Andy asks about Meghan’s account of the end of their marriage, "or were you trying to have them?"

"I’m going to cut you off right there," Jim begins his reply.

Meghan King Edmonds and Jim

"That was all false too," Jim insists.

He characterizes her threeway claims: "That was a joke."

"I don’t even know how she comes up with this stuff," Jim claims.

"To be honest with you, I mean, if we really want to go down that road," Jim begins coyly.

He asserts that "she was the one that was pushing for them."

"And I was like this is completely ridiculous," Jim alleges, "and she just made up these stories."

Meghan and Jim Edmonds Together

"I think that she really needed a storyline for her radio show," Jim suggests.

He compares that to her reality career, saying: "just like she needed a storyline for the last year on Housewives."

Jim accuses Meghan of being fake, adding: "It’s been make believe for a long time."

"So I’m just glad that I’m out of it," Jim declares.

"And," he continues, "I’m happy and everything’s going good."

Jim adds: "And I’m turning my life around."

Jim Edmonds and Family

Is Jim saying that the threesomes never happened, or that he wasn’t the one pushing for threeways but they did happen?

It sounds an awful lot like he is making both claims simultaneously … even though they are seemingly contradictory.

Jim has addressed this in the past, when it sounded like he had laid all of the alleged threeway action at Meghan’s feet.

Meghan King Edmonds and Husband

In January, Jim addressed Meghan’s threesome claims by asserting that "there were a more than few initiated by Meghan and only Meghan."

He insisted that it was Meghan who had "carried on with a few of these women without" his presence.

Meghan, of course, had accused Jim of being the one who was thirsty for threeway hookups and who had carried on with a threesome partner after the fact.

Jim Edmonds and Meghan Edwards Image

Andy did, at another part of the interview, point out that Jim had a hand in the end of his marriage.

Jim seems to blame Meghan, saying "I was living with basically a roommate and I just got on a weak spot."

He does insist that it was not a "sexting affair" even though he did send an "inappropriate" photo to a woman.

Jim Edmonds and Meghan King Edmonds

Jim also says that the woman with whom he was having this non-affair, to whom he sent inappropriate photos, later turned out to be "crazy."

Right. It’s always more believable that multiple women in a man’s life are being dishonest and unhinged than to believe that a man might have made some mistakes because he was horny.

It’s hard to tell whether Meghan or Jim are more accurately describing events in their marriage, but we must observe that no part of Meghan’s story seems to contradict itself quite like Jim’s.