Jihoon Lee Unfollows Deavan Clegg, Announces I'm DONE!

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Fans have been giving Jihoon Lee a hard time for his lies and his attempt to seemingly buy back Deavan Clegg's love after their fight.

Now, Jihoon has declared "I'm done" and unfollowed Deavan. Everyone wants to know if they're divorcing. Even Deavan's mother is weighing in.

Jihoon Lee and Deavan Clegg cry together

Before we get into their real time drama, we have to address the very relevant drama on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way right now.

Season 2 of the show began with Jihoon's big lie, telling Deavan that he was gainfully employed enough to support their family.

In reality, Jihoon was not making enough to support two adults and two children. He only had any savings because his mom was helping him.

Jihoon Lee - just go back to America

After Jihoon's lie was first discovered, Deavan was emotionally devasted and Jihoon was wracked with guilt.

However, complicated emotions and issues with the translator led to Jihoon storming off and suggesting that Deavan return to the US.

Sometimes, it is easier to wrap yourself in unwarranted anger than face that you and your loved ones are in a mess of your own making.

Jihoon Lee shows Deavan Clegg the money

This week's episode culminated in Jihoon proving himself to Deavan by making a withdrawal at the ATM.

He wasn't actually trying to "buy" her love -- just earn her trust by showing that he's not lying about having some savings.

Taking to her Instagram Stories, Deavan is offering up an explanation.

Deavan Clegg IG spent $50k on Jihoon

"Worked 60 hours a week. Paid for Vegas. Paid for travel back and forth. Paid for hospital bills," Deavan rattled off in her Instagram Story.

She continued: "Paid for food for him, Paid for housing/drinks."

All of this, Deavan reveals, amounted to her spending $50,000 on her relationship with Jihoon.

Jihoon Lee and mom make a withdrawal

"It wasn’t about his money,” Deavan explained, “I just wanted proof he actually saved some.” 

“I make my own money and always have," she emphasized.

Deavan reasoned: "It’s about if he actually did the things he said."

Jihoon Lee - I couldn't bear to face her; it's really bad

I was told [that] I speak English/I have two jobs/I finished college/I’ve saved $20000 for a house," Deavan recalled of Jihoon's lies.

She reiterated: "It was the fact that I wanted proof he didn’t lie to me."

That need for proof was very understandable.

Deavan Clegg is Worn Out

"Seeing the couples interview clip," Deavan commented in a later Instagram Story, "I didn't even recognize myself."

"I look so hallow and dead," she lamented.

Though it is possible that she meant harrowed, Occam's Razor says that Deavan was trying to say sallow and accidentally jumbled her words.

Deavan Clegg IG I was so unhealthy with Jihoon

"Happy to be healthy again," Deavan expressed.

We are glad that she is feeling like she is in a better place, mentally and physically.

We understand that a long flight can be draining, but a number of fans had worried that Deavan was truly unwell.

Deavan Clegg speaks into the translator

But why, exactly, is Deavan doing so much better these days?

Fans could not help but observe that her declaration that she's doing so much better now came such a short time after a huge social media shift.

On Instagram, Jihoon wrote "I'm done" on his Instagram Stories ... and then wiped his account clean, deleting his posts.

Jihoon Lee IG deletes Instagram, unfollows Deavan Clegg

At present, neither Jihoon nor Deavan follow each other on Instagram.

That is, generally speaking, not a great sign for the state of their marriage.

Did seeing their drama from many months ago play out on screen cause their marriage to crumble?

Deavan Clegg and Son and Mom Stress Out Together

According to Deavan's mom, Elicia, no.

As you can see in the video clip that we have included with this article, Elicia says that things are okay.

While she is not offering any spoilers, she is suggesting that Jihoon is in the US with Deavan (we had known that Deavan was here).

Elicia Clegg Hugs Jihoon Lee's Parents

Additionally, Elicia explains that Jihoon wiped his Instagram clean because he was inundated with hate for his on-screen behavior.

We are pleased that he took this step for his mental well-being, even if it does not explain why he and Deavan do not appear to be following each other.

Jihoon is still following Elicia, however. A lot of people are rooting for this couple, so we hope that Elicia is right.

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