90 Day Fiance The Other Way: Can Jihoon Buy Deavan's Love?

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Last week's 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way ended on a cliffhanger as Jihoon Lee stormed off and told Deavan Clegg to go back to America.

This week's episode picks up in the aftermath of that, as Jihoon tries to win -- or buy -- Deavan's trust.

Speaking of trust, Janice makes sure that Ariela comes face to face with her jealousy issues before she makes any major decisions with Biniyam.

Jenny and Sumit sit down with Sumit's brother, but the news about Sumit's parents isn't good ... and divorce or no divorce, Jenny is getting fed up.

Tim is having to face the music by accepting that when he cheated, he hurt more than just Melyza and their relationship.

There's a lot of broken trust but also a lot of love on Season 2, Episode 10. But can love alone ever be enough?

1. Ariela Weinberg and Biniyam Shibre

Ariela Weinberg and Biniyam Shibre
So Ariela and her mom and Biniyam sit down to enjoy a meal with Biniyam's family. Remember, he has a number of siblings ... siblings who have concerns that history may be repeating itself.

2. It's a larger gathering

It's a larger gathering
TLC may not be succeeding at giving Janice the "villain edit" that producers clearly hoped for (she asks a lot of questions, but she's polite AF and never unreasonable), but Biniyam has been sort of "outnumbered" so far.

3. Time for dinner!

Time for dinner!
Ethiopian food is actually fairly popular in a number of parts of the world, including the United States, but that doesn't mean that this meal won't be a learning experience.

4. Biniyam explains what they'll be eating

Biniyam explains what they'll be eating
This is kitfo, though he doesn't try to bog it down with terminology. It is traditional Ethiopian meat that is served uncooked. There are a number of traditions in the world where meat is served uncooked, from sushi to tartare. Kitfo is just another.

5. How is it prepared?

How is it prepared?
Kitfo is served with butter and herbs for flavoring. Janice, of course, is curious about the process behind it, particularly after one of Biniyam's sisters acknowledges that sometimes, eating it can make you sick.

6. But she goes along with it

But she goes along with it
Janice receives gursha, a tradition in which people are fed mouthfuls of food by others at the table.

7. Janice wants to know what cultural expectations are for new parents

Janice wants to know what cultural expectations are for new parents
It is explained that, much like in most places, the expectation is that Ariela will provide full-time childcare for her baby while Biniyam provides for them financially through work. In Biniyam's case, this means performing, usually at night, which Janice predicts could cause issues in their relationship.

8. One thing won't be an issue

One thing won't be an issue
Janice notes that she hopes that it won't be an issue for Ariela to visit in the US with her newborn, and Biniyam assures her that it will not. Janice knows his history and she and Ariela are both conscious of his anxieties based upon how things ended with his ex.

9. But Biniyam's family has concerns

But Biniyam's family has concerns
They are worried that what happened with Biniyam's previous marriage is all playing out again, and that this story could end the same way.

10. And then ...

And then ...
Ariela and Janice watch Biniyam perform. He looks great while performing -- and so, Janice notes, does his dance partner. Janice is stirring the pot deliberately to get at Ariela's true feelings because she wants her daughter to own up to her emotions before making any important decisions. And it's working.

11. Ariela admits that she is a jealous person

Ariela admits that she is a jealous person
Watching Biniyam dance with this beautiful woman ... a woman who is also his ex ... isn't easy for Ariela, even though she's the one having Biniyam's baby.

12. She goes even further

She goes even further
Ariela thinks that people who claim to not be jealous are lying, to others or to themselves. Maybe some of them. Others simply have the maturity and trust to accept that their partner has a life but is coming home to them. And others, of course, simply don't mind if their partner sleeps with other people. It's a great big world out there, Ariela.

13. Biniyam promises that he is trustworthy

Biniyam promises that he is trustworthy
He admits that trust issues, jealousy issues, and little white lies that he told his ex-wife to keep the peace eventually ended that marriage. He wants an honest foundation with Ariela. Good.

14. Deavan Clegg and Jihoon Lee

Deavan Clegg and Jihoon Lee
Last week's episode ended with Jihoon storming off from the sit-down with Deavan and his parents. Part of it was frustration with the translator, part of it was his own guilt, but he told her to just go back to America. Deavan was stunned and meekly asked if it was okay for her to step outside. Producers told her that of course it was.

15. Jihoon's dad gets it

Jihoon's dad gets it
He loves his son, but he seems to understand Deavan's issue. It's not a monetary squabble. Jihoon lied to Deavan to lure her to move back to South Korea under false pretenses because he missed her. That has left her in a financially vulnerable position. He also broke her trust -- not an easy thing to win back -- and made her doubt that he really loves her.

16. Jihoon's mom sees things differently

Jihoon's mom sees things differently
She is in such a "fix it" mode that she is trying to project the sympathetic light with which she views her son upon reality. The truth is, his habits were fine and age-appropriate ... right up until he became a father. Once he did that, he needed to step up, and he has not.

17. Eventually, he and Deavan talk again

Eventually, he and Deavan talk again
Jihoon and Deavan speak, and he apologizes again. He echoes his mother's sentiments, asking her to direct her attention to the future instead of the past. He admits to being selfish.

18. He didn't take her seriously

He didn't take her seriously
Some people, it seems, cannot handle a long-distance relationship. For some, that means that they cheat. For others, maybe the other person doesn't "feel" fully real when they're not there in person. That's not an excuse, but it could explain Jihoon's behavior. Deavan, lamenting having been scammed, tells him that if he really wants to prove himself, he needs to come up with $3,000 then and there.

19. Jihoon will need his mom for that

Jihoon will need his mom for that
He has been sending money that he makes to his mother to manage, because he has been spending his money on "frivilous things." While we'd normally never condemn someone for living their life, his responsibilities changed when he became a father.

20. Jihoon's mom doesn't like this

Jihoon's mom doesn't like this
She marvels at the idea of Jihoon "buying" Deavan's love, but as Deavan explains, it's about him proving that he truly has at least some money saved up because the only thing that he has proven so far is that he is fully capable of lying to her about money.

21. He makes good on the promise

He makes good on the promise
He returns to Deavan and hands her the money. Honestly, we're not sure if Deavan was truly expecting him to come back with the cash that night, but it was the right thing to do.

22. It was a cathartic moment

It was a cathartic moment
The two spouses cry together in the night, both emotionally exhausted from this 100% prevantable ordeal.

23. The next day ...

The next day ...
Jihoon visits and things are better. Deavan emphasizes that she needs actions, not words, but they are now more affectionate with each other. She's giving him another chance for the sake of their son.

24. Jenny Slatten and Sumit

Jenny Slatten and Sumit
The two of them walk to a restaurant -- whose decor they keep complimenting, either through small talk or some sort of endorsement deal -- where they will meet up with Sumit's brother.

25. It's a welcome reunion

It's a welcome reunion
The last time that Jenny saw Amit it was the day that she left India -- when Sumit's family came and basically carted him away. This time, it's a better experience.

26. Amit

He has been feeling out how the family feels and whether Sumit's parents might be willing to budge on this.

27. He has bad news

He has bad news
Sumit's parents do not want them to be together. They are unwilling to budge, in part because of the social stigma that will come from Jenny and Sumit's age gap. And Amit is honest about the fact that he is unwilling to attempt to pressure them about it.

28. Jenny is so frustrated

Jenny is so frustrated
In the US, this would be a story about encouraging a guy to either convince his parents to be reasonable or to just cut ties with them like an adult. However, as pernicious as "family first" values can be in the US, they are even more deeply entrenched in India. Jenny would like for the people in Sumit's life to care more about his happiness than they do about social implications.

29. Sumit is frustrated, too

Sumit is frustrated, too
Everyone in this story keeps insisting that they want everyone to be happy, he observes, and yet it seems that everyone's "happiness" is mutually exclusive ... which means that Sumit, who does not wish to have to choose between Jenny and his parents, doesn't have a shot at happiness. What a mess.

30. Tim Clarkson and Melyza Zeta

Tim Clarkson and Melyza Zeta
It really feels like we're still getting to know these two. Now that Tim is in Columbia ... he's starting to feel that way, too. At least, there is an air of alienation and they're not as close as they were before he cheated on her.

31. Melyza agrees

Melyza agrees
She is admittedly slow to open up, and Tim cheating on her with a coworker as he did ... well, he should count himself lucky that she is giving him a second chance.

32. Tim is enjoying breakfast, but ...

Tim is enjoying breakfast, but ...
After he has his chorizo, Melyza warns him that he should be prepared to receive a different greeting from her mother than he has in the past, because her mom knows that he cheated and she is NOT in the mood to forgive him.

33. This hits Tim hard

This hits Tim hard
Part of it, of course, is that he regrets this potentially life-ruining mistake. The other part is that he treasures Melyza's parents and is broken-hearted that he has sabotaged multiple social bonds in this way.

34. Melyza's dad doesn't know

Melyza's dad doesn't know
She has avoided that because her dad absolutely loves Tim like he's already his son, and Melyza didn't want to be the one to break his heart -- even when her own heart was in pieces.

35. Melyza's mom's unfriendlines is ... not subtle

Melyza's mom's unfriendlines is ... not subtle
We know that being unconscionably rude is a cultural norm in some societies, but Melyza's mom blurting out that Tim is "very fat" now (he's not; he gained weight since he was last there but that's it) was deliberately rude.

36. Tim takes it like a champ

Tim takes it like a champ
He agrees with Melyza's mom, blaming diet and exercise. A lot of fans think that he was likely eating to cope with the loneliness of missing Melyza, with the guilt of what he had done, and because it's better to let your stomach make decisions for you than your penis. But it's normal for human bodies to put on weight; it is how our species has survived.

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