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Look, the Duggars do a lot of things that we don’t necessarily agree with.

There’s Josh, of course, and how the entire family handled the molestation scandal and then the cheating scandal, and if Jana really is the "Cinderella Duggar," unable to live her life while she still has siblings to care for, that’s a crime.

But if there’s one thing the Duggars know about, it’s babies.

Specifically, how to make just the absolute cutest babies we’ve ever seen in our whole entire lives.

Jessa, at the tender age of 24, already has two children: their first son, Spurgeon, will be 18 months old next week, and their newest addition, Henry, will celebrate his third month of life.

Jessa Duggar & Family on Easter Morning

And that Henry … that little infant is so precious it barely even makes sense.

From photos that Jessa has so sweetly shared with the world, it seems like Henry often has that delightful "old man" look going on that some babies have, and we are 100% here for it.

But in this new video she put on Instagram last night, he just looks like the darling little angel he is — and a smiley one at that!

In the video, Jessa coos at her little boy, asking him if he had a good nap.

And Henry, who will seriously give literally anyone a raging case of baby fever, looks like he really, really did.

See the precious little boy in action in the sweet video below: