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While most of us breathe a sigh of relief that Ronnie Magro and Jen Harley aren’t engaged, that doesn’t mean that he’s being smart.

It wasn’t long ago that he got into huge trouble with Jen for his hot tub adventures.

On this new Jersey Shore: Family Vacation sneak peek, Ronnie is getting into another hot tub with another woman. Oh boy …

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In his confessional interview, Ronnie Ortiz-Magro sounds confident.

To hear him tell it, he’s not going to follow his horniest impulses and make a fool out of himself again.

"Listen, I’ve seen a lot of girls in bathing suits. I’ve seen a lot of girls without bathing suits," Ronnie says.

By his way of thinking, he’s been desensitized to beautiful women in very little clothing.

"So, another girl in a bathing suit isn’t really that tempting," Ronnie claims.

Sure. Millions of years of evolutionary instinct screaming bang or die in his ear will be easy to resist.

"And I’m not going to go down that road again," Ronnie insists.

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Now, one of the benefits of editing is comedic timing.

In this case, Jersey Shore: Family Vacation cuts to Angelina Pivarnick‘s friend, Lindsay.

Lindsay looks drop-dead gorgeous in her bikini.

Everyone exclaims "Yes!" as she enters the room, even though she covers up her turquoise two-piece.

Ronnie, however, is shown rolling over onto his face, as if to avoid looking at her.

His friends then rib him for blushing in Lindsay’s presence.

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"Ronnie is getting a weird look in his eye around Jewish Barbie," Vinny G points out.

He’s not optimistic about Ronnie’s decision-making skills.

"I know this look," Vinny says. "Usually that leads to bad decisions."

Vinny summarizes: "This is not good."

Ronnie decided to volunteer to accompany Lindsay to the hot tub.

As Pauly D characterizes: "Ronnie’s gonna check the water, and make sure it’s … make sure it’s wet."

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As Pauly’s words suggest, there is no actual need for Ronnie to accompany Lindsay out to the tub.

In case there was any doubt about Ronnie’s relationship status when this scene was filmed, Lindsay brings it up.

"So you’re still not single, yet?" Lindsay asks.

This is a smart move on her part — bringing it up first.

Ronnie doesn’t appear to give any sort of verbal answer in the clip. So, correct.

"You have to be happy," Lindsay says, though we cannot confirm that she was directly responding to that topic.

(Reality shows and their notorious editing, folks)

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As all of this is happening, Ronnie and Lindsay do not have any actual privacy.

Not only are cameras still on them, but Ronnie’s friends are watching, too.

Now, we’ve all been the friend who’s had a few drinks and peers through the window nosily as their friend maybe hooks up.

But Ronnie’s friends are vocally concerned about his decision-making skills.

Considering how poorly Jen seems to take even the appearance of his cheating, they hate to see him blunder again.

(Last time, it even involved a hot tub)

As toxic as Ronnie’s relationship with Jen was, this doesn’t seem like the right way for him to end things.

Only with the new episode will we see how poor Ronnie’s judgment really was.