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On this week’s episode of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, we saw a lot of family conflicts.

But no one had more in-law trouble than Jenny and Sumit. It was enough to make Jenny want to give up and go home.

Sumit Singh - so now I think we should postpone

On Season 2, Episode 21, Sumit Singh told Jenny Slatten that they should hold off on the ring ceremony.

His brother had warned him that their parents would cut him off if he married Jenny, even though they can no longer legally prevent the marriage.

As a result, Sumit told Jenny that they should postpone their ring ceremony and marriage plans until he speaks to his parents.

Jenny Slatten is apprehensive, tired of waiting

Jenny is deeply nervous for multiple reasons.

One, the last time that she saw Sumit’s parents, they were effectively kidnapping him before her eyes.

Two, she’s worried that every delay puts their whole relationship and future in jeopardy.

Sumit Singh is focusing on being positive

Sumit was trying to stay positive.

His parents even agreed to visit them and sit down to talk — which was a pleasant surprise.

However, they didn’t do so eagerly.

Sumit Singh parents - we didn't want to come because of Jenny

Anil and Sahna admitted that they did not want to visit.

The reason was not theri son. Their reason for being reluctant to visit was Jenny.

Ever since she first slept with Sumit, they have decided that they do not like her.

Sumit Singh parents - we don't like her

Additionally, they were clearly not expecting Sumit’s announcement that he and Jenny will marry.

Instead, Sahna revealed to the camera their true purpose for the visit.

They wanted to make their grown adult son come home and live with them instead of with Jenny.

Sumit Singh parents - I don't like him staying with Jenny

Sumit nipped that harebrained scheme in the bud pretty quickly.

As politely as one possibly can when speaking to controlling lunatics, he told his parents that he’s not going to live with them.

He’s living with Jenny, and he plans to for the rest of their lives.

Sumit Singh - I won't live with you

Instead, Sumit implored his mother and father to just be happy for his happiness.

Anil shot down that idea, however.

He told Sumit in no uncertain terms that they will never be happy with Sumit’s "wrong decision."

Sumit Singh mom - I will never be happy with your wrong decision

This is when Sumit whipped out the fact that he and Jenny will get married at an Arya Samaj temple.

This means that his parents have no power to intervene and it will be a legal marriage.

So if even the law isn’t standing in Sumit’s way, why are his parents, who are supposed to love him, still trying to ruin his life?

Sumit Singh - even the law doesn't say my decision is wrong

The most clownish nonsense of the entire conversation came out of Anil’s mouth.

"There is no law above parents’ law," he insisted.

Burdening someone with existence does not give you lifelong control over their lives, my dude.

Sumit Singh mom - there is no law above parents' law

They responded to Sumit’s marriage plans in a less than optimal way.

"Marriage? Over our dead bodies," Sahna exclaimed.

Their outrage over their son living his life as he chooses became worse over time.

Sumit Singh mom - marriage? over our dead bodies

"You’ll just marry whoever you want?" Anil asked. "Why don’t you find another oldie, and marry her? Find a hundred year old!"

"Her kids are older than you!" he griped. "This is all you could find? If you’ll look, you’ll find other women, a thousand times better, a million times better than her!"

"She is the only one you could find? Look harder!" Anil demanded rudely.

Sumit Singh dad - find a hundred year old!

Their fixation on Jenny’s age is because of social pressures and because Jenny cannot give them grandchildren.

No one in this world is entitled to grandchildren. And social backlash for their son marrying an older woman is their problem, not Sumit’s.

However, as Sumit begged and pleaded and cried with his furious parents, Jenny’s heart was breaking.

Jenny Slatten walks away - I just need to go back to America

As you can see in this clip, Jenny, who could not understand the words being spoken but could understand the tone, got up and left.

Lamenting that she felt responsible for fracturing this family, Jenny expressed: "I need to just go back to America."

Fortunately, it looks like by the season finale, she will have considerably changed her tune.