Jax Taylor: I Banged Lindsay Lohan...And It Was Bad!

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On last night's, Vanderpump Rules Season 4 premiere, we learned a lot about Jax Taylor, and not surprisingly, most of it was gross.

Jax's plastic surgeon used skin from his ear to help craft him a new nose; Jax once stole his younger sister's jewelry; Jax attempted to make out with his bus driver when he was in middle school. The list goes on and on...

But the biggest bombshell came later in the night when Jax and Tom Schwartz appeared on Watch What Happens Live and in a violation of male model bro code that would make Derek Zoolander weep, Schwartz spilled the beans about Jax's long history of celebrity hook-ups.

During a segment unappealingly titled "Vander-dump," Schwartz revealed that Jax had banged some porn star named Bridgette B - as well as none other than Lindsay Lohan.

“It was a long time ago,” admitted a visibly embarrassed Taylor. “It was just once and it was bad."

Realizing that he'd just suggested that LiLo is bad in bed on national TV, Jaz corrected himself, saying, "No, it was good! The situation was just…no, she was great. She was very affectionate."

Couldn't have been a very proud moment for Linds, as Jax has established a reputation as someone who will sleep with literally anyone, yet he still seemed ashamed of hooking up with Lohan.

Of course, it's possible that Jax was embarrassed when he wasn't included on Lindsay's celebrity sex list that leaked last year.

As anyone who watches the show knows, the staff at Sur believes revenge is a dish best serves any time. 

Watch Vanderpump Rules online for more antics from Jax, and watch him admit to banging La Lohan in the clip below.

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