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Despite their many conflicts, last weekend’s episode showed Jasmine gushing over Gino as the couple made their peace.

Gino proposed. The two were brimming with love.

But there’s more drama to come. Gino is paying for her apartment. Gino has to talk to her about a prenup.

Also … in this sneak peek for Sunday’s episode, Jasmine brings up a new problem, seemingly on purpose.

During Season 5 of 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days, we have all gotten an earful about one of Gino Palazzolo’s exes.

This is the ex who received nude photos of Jasmine Pineda … sent by Gino, whose betrayal nearly tore them apart.

But, obviously, that ex-girlfriend isn’t the only woman in Gino’s past.

Gino Palazzolo and Jasmine Pineda hug, are engaged

Nearly a decade ago, he was married to another woman.

This woman, who was from Brazil, was already a contentious part of this relationship without ever appearing on the show.

Why? Well, because she and Gino picked out the paint in his house together, basically.

Jasmine Pineda screams over being made to

Yes, we all remember Jasmine’s gym meltdown over the color of Gino’s walls.

Because Gino has not totally redecorated his home in Michigan since his divorce, Jasmine feels that it is all tainted.

She has some clear insecurity issues that, when coupled with her emotional volatility, have explosive results.

Jasmine Pineda - his house screams her, every corner

In this sneak peek for Season 5, Episode 15, Jasmine and Gino are sitting down to dinner.

"I don’t want to make this dinner negative but I have to say this, okay?" Jasmine begins.

"All the issues that we have, it was because of your exes," she quasi-accurately states.

Jasmine Pineda and Gino Palazzolo reconcile and hug

"And now that we’re at this point in which we can talk about it," Jasmine says.

She continues: "I discovered something that really pissed me off."

At this point, Gino is visibly bracing himself for yet another raging tantrum, wondering what he has done this time.

Jasmine Pineda tells Gino to play along with her lies when he meets her mom

You could cut the tension at this table with a knife.

"How long have you been divorced, babe?" Jasmine asks slowly in the preview.

"Umm…about eight years," Gino nervously responds.

Jasmine Pineda explains that it's pig feet

"Well, in social media, I just discovered that your ex-wife still has your last name," Jasmine says.

To most people, that would just be, you know, how names work.

Many people do not change their names after a marriage ends without a strong incentive. It is expensive and requires a great deal of paperwork for most adults.

Gino Palazzolo awkwardly hugs Jasmine Pineda

"To a certain extent it’s like you’re still — you’re family!" Jasmine remarks.

She adds: She didn’t give you kids, nothing. What’s the purpose?"

As if addressing Gino’s unseen ex, Jasmine goes on: "C’mon, give me a break. Take your father’s last name, not my man’s."

"I don’t sit and look at her last name every day or anything like that, or think about what is her last name," Gino replies.

"I don’t give a s–t," Jasmine declares teritorially. "That last name is now mine."

"Letting her keep it, f–k that," she complains. It’s unclear how Gino is supposed to force his ex-wife to change her name.

Gino Palazzolo does Jasmine Pineda's shoes, is back to square one

"This last name stuff," Gino says to the camera, "I don’t know why she’s making a big deal out of it."

He goes on: "She shouldn’t be making a big deal — does that affect her in her day-to-day life? That my ex has my last name? C’mon now."

Jasmine has been unhappy about both rational and irrational things. This is one of the irrational ones.