Jase Robertson: Duck Dynasty Star Shaved! Unrecognizable!

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Longtime A&E mainstay Duck Dynasty might be over at long last, but the Robertson family is still around.

Seeing a member of that crew without their beard might sound like seeing a turtle without its shell. Except ... alive.

But, if you check out the video below, that's exactly what you'll see: Jase Robertson, shaved clean for the first time in nearly a decade.

Jase Robertson, Declaration of Love

As a general rule, the Duck Dynasty folks are worlds away from a large portions of Americans.

Their lifestyle, their beliefs, their facial hair choices, and their net worths are all pretty far removed from many parts of the country.

That's what made them such a source of entertainment ... or whatever ... for so long.

Phil Robertson, the family patriarch, has stirred up a great deal of controversy over the years, but every now and then, you can find something relatable about the family.

For example, Sadie Robertson thirsting after Justin Bieber is something that isn't a universal experience, but we all know someone like that.

And then there's that interview where Jase and Missy Robertson suggested that Anna Duggar could leave Josh Duggar.


Beyond that, we absolutely support Jase pledging to do something for such a good cause -- and keeping his word.

Jase Robertson and Missy Robertson

So, Jase's daughter, Mia, was born with a cleft palate and lip.

Mia has had eight surgeries so far to correct this, but the Robertsons are aware that not all families can afford to foot that kind of bill.

In 2014, Jase and Missy started the Mia Moo Fund for, well, children with cleft palates and lips.

The fund's name might be all kinds of goofy, but that's a great cause.

A condition doesn't have to be life-threatening to need to be addressed, you know.

So, Jase had made a pledge that if the Mia Moo Fund raised its goal of $100,000 dollars, he would shave his beard.

Jase Robertson, Family

This created a situation where everybody wins, because the money is for a good cause but also Missy prefers Jase when he's shaved.

(And you know how some charity money goes to administrative costs? Jase and Missy paid the administrative fees themselves, so all of the money raised could go directly to kids in need.)

Well, they raised the money.

And then Jase, who hadn't shaved in 8 years, got shaved by Missy.

As you can see in the video, a lot of family members gathered to bear witness.

There are pictures around the house of Jase Robertson without his beard -- which, again, is how Missy prefers him.

(Shocking, we know, that she'd prefer that he look like a human who's either clean-shaven or has a normal beard instead of looking like an Ent from The Lord of the Rings.)

Mia herself hasn't seen Jase like this since she was very young.

Apparently she found his beardlessness frightening because he looked unfamiliar (that's just a basic survival instinct in children, but they tend to still recognize their parents' voice).

As you can see, Jase looks ... positively unrecognizable.

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