Duck Dynasty: It's (Almost) Over!

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The reign is nearly over.

The Robertson are close to moving on.

The last run of Duck Dynasty episodes is officially underway.

Duck Dynasty Premiere Pic

On Wednesday night, shortly after Duck Dynasty wrapped up its Season 11 premiere on A&E, the family and the network confirmed that this will be it for Willie Robertson and company.

The beloved, controversial reality show will go off the air for good in April.

Check out the following video to see the Robertsons break this unfortunate news to fans on Facebook:

Duck Dynasty premiered in March 2012 and didn't waste any time in becoming a pop culture phenomenon.

Viewers were taken by both the close-knit nature of the Robertson family, the outspoken views of the cast members and the unique way they made a living:

By selling duck calling equipment.

The men of the series - Phil and Si, and Phil’s sons Jase, Willie, and Jep – are known for their impressively long beards and Christian beliefs.

After a short while, the series ranked as the most-watched nonfiction series in cable TV history and it will go out this spring as the most popular show on A&E among total viewers.

Back in December of 2013, key cast member Phil Robertson made anti-gay remarks and inflammatory statements about African-Americans in a GQ interview that became highly publicized.

He was suspended from the series for awhile, but Duck Dynasty itself never slowed down. People continued to tune in on a weekly basis.

And the family members continued to make national headlines, with Willie Robertson even speaking this past July at the Republican National Convention.

He's a very proud Donald Trump supporter.

Willie Robertson at the Republican National Convention

The five-year-old series will air through January 18; take one small hiatus; and then air the show's seven final episodes between March 1 and April 12.

By that time, it will have aired 130 episodes in total.

At one point, during Season 4, Duck Dynasty averaged over 11 million viewers per week, which is simply astonishing.

On last night's Season 11 premiere, meanwhile, Willie and Jase ran for president of the neighborhood HOA... while Jep, Jess and Miss Kay built a display with a Duck Commander theme for a local zoo.

Click on the video below to watch Duck Dynasty online and catch up on anything you may have missed:

Are you sad to see Duck Dynasty go?

Are you afraid you'll never see any of these cast members again?

Don't worry. We bet a few of them end up in the Trump administration. We're barely even joking about that.

Check out the following photo gallery to see many Robertson men without their beards (for real!) and share your favorite Duck Dynasty moments in the Comments below.

This series has enjoyed quite the run!

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