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These days, it’s looking like Iggy Azalea’s career is pretty much DOA.

After all, it’s not a good sign when you have to cancel your first US tour due to lack of interest. And once Macklemore starts taking shots at you, you may as well just hang it up. 

But on the plus side, Iggy’s personal life is firing on all cylinders.

TMZ caught up with the I-G-G-Y recently and asked about her relationship with Nick Young, as well as the possibility of her bringing some little Iggy-Igs into the world.

What’s really interesting about the clip below, however, isn’t Iggy’s thoughts on child-rearing, but the possible hint at the the very end that she and Nick have already tied the knot.

Asked if Nick is cool with the idea of babies "with an Australian twinge" (weird question, but hey, unscripted interviews are tough), Iggy replied, "He better! He has a wife with one."

It’s possible she meant he will have a wife with one, but considering Iggy and Nick were talking about getting hitched low-key ar city hall as recently as last week, we wouldn’t be surprised if they’re already hitched.

Hey, the justice of the peace ceremony isn’t particularly fancy, but it gets the job done.