Iggy Azalea on Nick Young: Haters Make Our Relationship Stronger!

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Iggy Azalea has experienced quite a few ups and downs in the past year.

Her career took off, but then the Internet collectively decided it hates her. Iggy canceled her first arena tour the same week that she got engaged to Nick Young. Now, there are rumors that Iggy is pregnant with Nick's baby.

Nick Young and Iggy Azalea

Her life is basically like what would happen if someone made a soap opera about a crappy Aussie rapper with a fake ghetto accent.

But despite the many twists and turns and videos of awful freestyle rapping that have shaped Iggy's life over the past 12 months, one thing has remained constant:

Haters love to hate, and Iggy - for some reason - loves to respond.

Despite repeated claims that she's done with social media, I-G-G-Y took to Twitter yesterday to thank her fans, gush about her man, and gripe about her critics:

"It's really tough to stick by someone when the 'cool' choice is to hate them," Iggy tweeted. "Thanks to everyone who made the choice to stand by me.

"One thing I am grateful for is how strong it's made my relationship with the man I'm going to marry."

Iggy went on to say that she's currently working on a coffee table book. Seriously. Clearly, she's working on being more "street" for the next phase of her career. 

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