Ice Cube Taunts Donald Trump with New Track "Arrest The President"

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Ice Cube doesn't actually mention Donald Trump by name in his new song.

But the track is called "Arrest The President." 

And the lyrics are a not-so-subtle jab at Trump, and strongly suggest that his days in office are numbered.

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Ice Cube's lyrics, to be clear, do not call for any violence against Donald Trump or his administration.

Rather, "Arrest The President" calls for exactly that -- the arrest of POTUS.

"Let’s meet at the White House, run in and turn the lights out, they treat it like a trap house," Ice Cube suggests.

"Arrest the president... You got the evidence," he sings.

He makes no secret of why Trump deserves to be arrested.

"That n---- is Russian intelligence," the lyrics accuse.

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"Did you know the new white was orange?" Ice Cube quips during the song.

He then accuses: "Boy, you're showing your horns."

This is a reference to Trump's behavior, from his overt racism to his heartless policies, being something Ice Cube would expect from a devil.

"Who you elected is so septic," Ice Cube says, putting Trump's voters themselves on blast.

He also takes aim at Trump's habit of stating provable lies as if they were fact.

"So full of s--t," Ice Cube says. "I can't accept it."

Ice Cube disavows Trump on Twitter

Ice Cube has made his thoughts on Trump clear since before the election.

In August of 2017, an absurd rumor was going around suggesting that Ice Cube had endorsed Trump's candidacy.

The rapper took to Twitter to make certain that no one could believe this absurd rumor.

"I will never endorse a mothaf--ka like Donald Trump!" Ice Cube clarified. "EVER!!!"

Some would remain silent on such rumors, hoping to avoid controversy by speaking out one way or the other.

Ice Cube did not want anyone mistaking him for a Trump supporter.

Ice Cube is hardly alone.

When Snoop Dogg peppered his art with references to Trump's death, he faced backlash from Trump's fans.

He also faced hand-wringing from people who dislike Trump but are, frankly, huge weenies who worry about optics more than anything else.

ice Cube did not backstab Snoop, and instead voiced his support.

"Freedom of speech," he cited in defense of his friend and his friend's controversial music and imagery.

Notably, Ice Cube's lyrics "play it safe" in a way unlikely to earn him a visit from Secret Service.

Ice Cube in Shades

Ice Cube may have produced this song simply to vent about the hellish nightmare-world that we all occupy.

More cynically, perhaps he just wanted some cash and some good press from people who hate Trump as much as he does.

It's also possible that he is hoping that this song will one day be immortalized in one or more films documenting the rise and fall of Donald Trump.

You know, if Johnny Cash's "When The Man Comes Around" doesn't quite fit a scene, maybe "Arrest The President" will.

It's sure to be a little on the nose -- but there have been other, very spot-on songs that have been used years or even decades later in films about the events they describe.

That said, Trump has not yet been arrested. Right now, Ice Cube's song is premature.

Our Actual President

That said, there are murmurings that Special Counsel Robert Mueller is expected to make some sort of move this week.

This comes just days after Ice Cube's song dropped.

That said, a lot of people let wishful thinking cloud their judgment.

They may get their hopes up and then feel disappointed.

It's always possible that Trump will resign, or pass away of natural causes in office, or even last the rest of his 4-year term.

Ice Cube's song, though it may give hope to many, may never come true.

We'll all find out together.

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