How to Get Away with Murder Return Trailer: Shock! Gasp!

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Can someone please send the ABC promotional department a basket of muffins or something?

They would have deserved it alone for the new Grey's Anatomy Season 12 trailer in which Meredith is seen getting brutally assaulted by a patient.

But then they went ahead and teased some seriously hot sex between Jake and Olivia when Scandal Season 5 returns... and that was awesome.

But they aren't done!

In the following preview for How to Get Away with Murder Season 2, we see Annalise Keating sliding down the wall in horror, while also being asked whether she wants to die.

Why is Annalise holding a baby and screaming "I can't!?"

We have no idea.

But it's very safe to say that we can't wait to find out.

How to Get Away with Murder Season 2 will finally start airing new episodes again on Thursday, February 11 at 10/9c, following the aforementioned returns of Grey's Anatomy and Scandal.

Yup. This is Shonda Rhimes' world. We merely live in it.

And that's fine by us!

Check out the trailer now and join us in counting down the seconds until How to Get Away with Murder is back in our lives.

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