Girlfriend Accepts Proposal, Goes Truly Crazy Over New Puppy

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We've learned a lot about proposing to one's girlfriend this week.

First, do not do it at a baseball game.

Why? Because you might drop the ring, freak out and eventually find it.

But it might still be covered in peanuts and beer.

Second, do not give your girlfriend a puppy immediately after proposing.

Why? Because she may be more excited about the puppy than about the prospect of marrying you!

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In the following video, Christopher LoNigro gathered his girlfriend's family at her dad’s home in Port Jefferson Station, New York.

When Alishia entered the room, she was stunned to see all her loved ones around.

She was then even more stunned when Christopher proposed.

But then she was EVEN MORE stunned when Christopher took a puppy out of a box and handed it to her.

See, Christopher and Alishia have known each other nearly their entire lives.

And Christopher's family had a Collie when he was young and Alishia made it clear that she always wanted to have one herself.

The only problem? She seems more psyched in the footage below about the puppy than the proposal!

"I was so overwhelmed and shocked before I even saw the puppy," Alishia says. "I was shaking just from the surprise proposal in front of all my loved ones. But when I saw that little fluffball my heart nearly exploded."

We can tell!


See for yourself:

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