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The New York Yankees played the Boston Red Sox last night in the Bronx.

Just a few weeks ago, this late-season matchup had the makings of another classic game between the historic rivals.

But then the Yankees collapsed, the Red Sox won 11 games in a row and and the game became pretty meaningless in the big picture.

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As you can see in the above video, a man in a Yankees jersey asked his girlfriend, also in a Yankees jersey, to be his wife.

We’re not sure if we’d ever do this during such a public event, but hey: at least the man didn’t propose over the big screen in the stadium.

Perhaps he should have, however, because at least he wouldn’t have lost the ring in that case.

Oh, yes, this poor guy was about to pop life’s most important question when he misplaced what we’d have to imagine was a very expensive piece of jewelry.

The Yankees were winning 2-0 at the time, but the announcers didn’t seem to care. No one in the crowd who was aware of what was going in seemed to care.

All anyone at the game was focused on was this poor young man.

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But then… wait! Did he find it? Was it stuck in a jacket the entire time?

Yes! It was!

The reaction of the announcers in the above clip is guaranteed to make you laugh out loud.

Unless you’re a Yankees fan, we guess.

It sure would have been nice for that team if this game meant enough where the action on the field was more noteworthy than the action in the stands.

Oh well.

Check out the funny/romantic/memorable video at the top of this page now.