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Post wisdom teeth-removal videos are all the rage these days, because we all know there’s nothing funnier than teenagers whacked out of their minds on drugs.

Just kidding, kids! You should only do drugs that are administered by doctors – and you should always make certain that an adult is there to record your hilarious reaction and post it all over the Internet.

In the past year we’ve seen post-oral surgery teens wonder why Beyonce never showed up after their procedure, and complain that they thought the dentist would give them breast implants while they were out.

But the delusions of those kids seem downright plausible compared to those of Emma, who’s featured in the clip below.

You see, when Emma emerged from her twilight sleep, she didn’t think she would meet a celebrity, she thought she was a celebrity.

Hilariously, Emma seems downright pissed when she discovers she’s Kylie Jenner and her parents are Kris and Caitlyn.

Fortunately for us, her mom has the good sense to play along for a bit. Moments like this don’t happen every day.

Of course, it’s ridiculous that Emma would come out of surgery all frazzled and think that she’s Kylie.

After all, we’re pretty sure going under the knife doesn’t faze Kylizzle one bit, if ya know what we mean.