Ginger Zee is Pregnant! Watch the Fun Announcement!

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It was an especially good morning for one Good Morning America personality on Monday.

Ginger Zee, the program’s long-time meteorologist, walked to her green screen during today’s broadcast and appeared as if she was all ready to a regular weather report.

But co-host Robin Roberts urged the studio audience and viewers at home to “listen very closely to what Ginger has to say.”

From there, Zee started talking about the upcoming solar eclipse (don’t miss it! On August 21!), only to then announce:

"This is the breaking news part, though."


Meaning what, exactly?

A weatherwoman is not typically the person on Good Morning America to break any kind of news.

“[There’s a] lesser-known visual phenomenon that’s about to happen on our maps only for the next five months,” Zee explained, proceeding to point to Los Angeles on a map of the United States.

“This area here, in the Southwest, right about here, and then this [Southeast] area right about here, are going to have a shadow from my belly, because I’m pregnant!”

Yay! Hooray! How exciting!

Ginger Zee Photo

Zee then showed off an image of her son Adrian, who will turn two in a few months and who was holding a sonogram picture of his new baby brother.

The latter is due to arrive in February 2018.

Zee was congratulated by Roberts and the rest of her co-workers, who marveled over “another baby” coming, along the impending arrival being “another boy.”

“He’s going to be so, so good,” Zee said of Adrian. “Already asking to hold his little brother.”

The GMA star is married to fellow  journalist Ben Aaron; the two got hitched in 2014.

In June 2015, she announced on this same show that she was expecting their first child, while Adrian was born in December of that year.

Zee went on maternity leave and eventually joined Dancing with the Stars.

We're so very happy for her! Check out the unique announcement below!

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