Florida Woman Arrested After Swinging Bag of Puppies in Bar

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Watch out, there's a new Florida Woman on the loose.

A woman in Pompano Beach was arrested for animal abuse after she showed up to a bar with puppies stuffed into her bag.

Not only were the puppies not getting enough air, but things got worse when the woman began swinging the bag around. Oh no!

Teresa Gardner mugshot

Broward Sheriffs arrested Teresa Gardner for animal abuse back in December.

2018 was a year of nonstop stress and unrelenting news cycles, which is perhaps why this outlandish story is now making the rounds.

Gardner was charged with multiple counts, including tormenting animals and resisting arrest.

Witnesses report having seen Gardner swinging the backpack around.

She reportedly struck the bag on tables and benches.

That would be unacceptable behavior under any circumstances, but the bag's contents made her conduct infinitely worse.

Briny Irish Pub

Before coming to the Briny Irish Pub located off East Atlantic Boulevard, Gardner had stuffed four chihuahua puppies into her backpack.

(We should note that some sources say that the mother of the puppies was also in the bag, but not all reports mention her presence)

It is not clear where the chihuahuas originated before they were placed in the bag.

Though Gardner initially pulled back and said "no" when police attempted to take the bag, they were able to rescue the puppies.

Sadly, the dogs appeared to be crying and the police report says that they had been tormented by the ordeal.

Furthermore, they were apparently so cramped within the bag that the four-week-old puppies were not getting enough oxygen.

Chihuahua Puppies of Instagram

(Note: these are not the puppies in question, but much happier chihuahua puppies for a visual reference)

The one piece of good news is that all of the puppies survived.

Authorities took the small family of dogs to an animal rescue clinic.

Veterinarians say that the puppies do not have any broken bones and do not have any severe bruises.

However, handlers did note that the dogs were traumatized by the ordeal, and may have been traumatized even before they were stuffed into the bag.

Notably, the chihuahua mother was deeply protective of the puppies and does not appear to trust any humans, even the caring veterinary staff, around her puppies.

Given their experiences, that is very understandable.

Teresa Gardner

Gardner was held on $500 bond, which unfortunately shows you how seriously our court system takes animal abuse.

Authorities themselves were horrified, and expressed their dismay at how anyone could do such a thing.

For that matter, a spokesperson for the police expressed confusion over why anyone would bring a bag full of puppies into a bar to begin with.

We hesitate to call this a "new low" for Florida Woman, because she's hit rock bottom before.

But this is the kind of evil, despicable deed that you read about, only for it to keep you up, nights later, as you wonder what those puppies experienced.

What a nightmare.

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