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Not your best move here, Florida Man.

Police in the Sunshine State are on the lookout for a bus passenger so angry over an extra $2 added to his fare that he ran head-on into the closed door of said bus, broke some glass and knocked himself out.

According to the Winter Haven Police Department, the unidentified man got off the vehicle and told the driver he wanted to continue on to a different location.

He was then informed it would cost an additional $2, news that caused him to grow “extremely agitated.”

After the driver got off the bus and locked the door and went into the terminal, the man waited on the bench for a few minutes before… well, check out the video for yourself.

Before assaulting the bus, basically.

"It is what it is, you look at it and you just shake your head," public information officer Jamie Brown told CBS News. "There’s no point in trying to be staunch when it’s obviously comical, you should just make light of it. Criminals do silly things."

It’s true.

Even the Florida Man who had sex with a tree is wondering what this dude was thinking.