Farrah Abraham: I Will Trade Sex For (Lots of) Cash!

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Farrah Abraham may accept your offer for one night in her back door, but it won't come cheap.

Farrah Abraham Twerking

The Teen Mom star went on Matt Weiss and Theo Von's Allegedly podcast (airing this week), likely to promote the upcoming premiere of Teen Mom OG.

However, why talk about the show when there are more interesting topics to cover?

According to a clip on TMZ, Farrah told Matt and Theo that her tricks are for sale, but they don't come cheap.

"What is the most money someone's offered you for sex?" the hosts asked.

"Mmmh, should I honestly say that?" Farrah teased.

Farrah on the Bed

Matt and Theo knew they were getting somewhere, so they pressed on.

"We've had porn stars in that have talked about ten grand someone's offered them for sex," they said, knowing full well that Farrah would take the bait.

And she did.  Oh, she did.

"No, it's not even like that pussy ass shit. It's like twenty grand," Farrah bragged.

"[I] show up one night and, like, [get[ f---ing backdoor'd or whatever you want and then 'peace!'"

She's a businesswoman, so she knows that these sorts of transactions don't require much dialogue outside of backdoor references during sex.

"Do you ever get hit on by celebrities?" the hosts asked.

"Yea, it's the majority," Farrah answered.

"Does that appeal to you at all?"

"No, I've actually been so like they suck at life, they suck at everything," Farrah rambled.  "I'd like a f***king hardcore business guy."

"Any politicians?"

Farrah nodded.

"I feel like more politicians, more like mayors, really are digging it," she said.

Farrah has always made it a point to differentiate herself from traditional porn stars, and has claimed on several occasions that she is a celebrity who made a sex tape.  

Yet, judging from this interview, she's officially fallen into another category entirely.

Season six of Teen Mom OG premieres August 22nd at 9pm on MTV.

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