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Whether you love her or hate her, one thing is certain about Farrah Abraham: she’s been through some stuff.

She got pregnant at 16 with her on-again, off-again boyfriend, Derek Underwood, and during the pregnancy, Derek passed away in a car crash.

Farrah Abraham Red Hair
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After that happened, she didn’t get a ton of emotional support from her parents, and we saw how much it all affected her in therapy sessions featured in those early seasons of Teen Mom OG.

We also saw her mother, Debra Danielsen, slap her, and while the incident itself wasn’t filmed, we also saw the aftermath of an incident involving Farrah, Deb, and some police officers.

You remember — they got into some sort of fight, Farrah called 911, and when officers arrived to their house Deb answered the door holding a knife, because cooking waits for no one, not even the law.

Farrah has maintained that she suffered horrific abuse during her childhood, but her parents have denied it — it really is a mess.

And now, Debra is introducing another little piece of this sad puzzle: she’s claiming that her daughter suffers from both borderline personality disorder and narcissistic personality disorder.

Debra Danielsen on Instagram
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Debz made an appearance on a webshow called Shot Topics, where she discussed Farrah, Teen Mom, her wedding, and more.

To start, she was asked about Farrah being fired from the show — she says she actually found out about it from the tabloids, which is a neat way of learning your daughter pretty much cost you your job.

She also says that she doesn’t know much about the whole thing, since her relationship with Farrah is a little tough right now, but she does know that "she terminated any relationship or agreement" in regards to filming those adult webcam shows.

And that’s strange, since that pretty much seemed to be the reason she cut ties with MTV, because she wanted to be able to work in the adult industry.

But still, Deb says that the reason she’s not doing Teen Mom is that she wants to focus on scripted television, which should be a fun adventure for all of us!

Farrah Abraham Fired
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Later, she starts talking about how it might have been a good idea for Farrah to take a step back from filming anyway, so she could focus on her own wellbeing.

From there, she starts making some general statements about mental illness, how there’s nothing shameful about it and how treatment can help so much, which is a wonderful sentiment to express.

It’s also pretty clear who she’s talking about.

"If you have borderline personality disorder, if you have narcissism, if you have any of these kinds of things," she says, "they’re all highly treatable."

"All is not lost, but I will say deep down inside I know my daughter, she’s kind, she’s loving, she’s sweet and very compassionate."

Farrah Abraham, Bending Back
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She adds that she thinks Farrah works hard, "she just needs to step back a moment and take some time and get healthy and take time for her so she can heal."

When asked specifically if she thinks Farrah has those disorders, she said that she does.

It’s kind of a weird thing to reveal about your daughter in an interview, but Farrah once claimed Debra has Asperger’s, so maybe that’s just a fun family activity for these people, you know?

Whether or not Farrah really does suffer from borderline personality disorder and/or narcissistic personality disorder, it seems pretty clear that Deb is right about one thing.

The girl could definitely use plenty of time to focus on herself and work through some stuff away from cameras, whether the cameras are for Teen Mom or porn or anything else.