Mom Feeds Toddler Wasabi, Gets Accused of Child Abuse

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This (not) just in:

The Internet can be a very mean place.

And a mother on Facebook just found out exactly how and why, first hand.

wasabi gal

This woman shared a video on her social media page that has been viewed over 14 million times.

Not each of these viewers likes the video, however, because it depicts the mother asking her young daughter whether she wants to try Wasabi.

The girl at first says no... and then we're pretty sure she says no again.

But then she simply repeats the word "wasabi" and then the mother places a small portion in front of her nose to smell.

The mother than places this same small portion in the girl's mouth... and waits for a reaction.

more wasabi

The girl actually handles it pretty well, considering how hot and how spicy wasabi truly is.

Hilariously, she only makes a slightly uncomfortable face while calmly uttering the word "help."

But not every Internet user found this to be hilarious.

Some, in fact, tossed out the A-Word in response to this video. Yup: abuse.

that poor kid

Do you agree with this assessment? Did the mother do anything wrong?

Or is this akin to giving a kid a taste of a lemon, which, come on, EVERY parent out there has done on at least one occasion, right?

Watch the video below and decide for yourself:

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