Farrah Abraham Literally Forces Sophia to Bond with Simon Saran

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Itching to take things to the next level with boyfriend Simon Sarah, Farrah Abraham was so determined for him to bond with her daughter.

So determined that she literally pushed little Sophia's head into Simon's lap during an awkward car ride on the Teen Mom season finale.

From the start, Farrah did not mince words with Simon Saran in discussing their future, and suffice it to say they aren't on the same page.

Her response to his remark that it would take about "two years" before he gets serious enough to talk engagement and marriage?

"Two years? That's for ugly girls, babe."

When Simon was less than enthused about bonding with Sophia and fast-tracking things with Farrah, she decided to really up the ante.

After agreeing to drive Simon to the airport, Farrah suggests that an MTV producer drive while the three of them sit in the back together.

"Babe, do you feel like I'm pushing you too much to be with Soph?" Farrah asks Simon, who must have wondered what he got into.

Things got more uncomfortable when Sophia started to nod off on her mom's lap ... and she tried to force her dome onto Simon instead.

"Babe, why are you forcing this? Let her relax!" Simon said, and not surprisingly, the episode ended with him not returning her calls.

Check out the clip above, it's amazing.

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