Teen Mom Season Finale Recap: So Close, Yet So Far

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On Monday night's season finale of Teen Mom O.G., someone almost got engaged, someone almost went to court and someone almost broke up.

Can you match the Original Girls of Teen Mom with these respective storylines? Let's find out as we break down all the latest drama on MTV ...

All of the most entertaining segments of Teen Mom Season 11 Episode 10 involved Farrah Abraham, forever the walking, talking contradiction.

Despite appearing in porn (we know, Farrah, it's a sex tape, not a porno) creating a line of sex toys and writing erotic novels, she is still so pure.

That's why she won't let boyfriend Simon Saran live with her until they get hitched ... which he does not seem all that interested in doing ASAP.

Simon told her he needed at least two years before getting serious, which Farrah interpreted to mean two years before popping the question.

Farrah did not take this well. "I’m not waiting two years to get engaged to you," she told her boyfriend, 'cause "That’s for ugly girls, babe."

Well, yeah. To get down to brass tacks, she decided to introduce the man in her life to her daughter Sophia and literally force the two to bond.

Seriously. Farrah physically forced Sophia's head to rest on Simon's lap while driving a car in the most hilariously uncomfortable scene ever.

After that experience and being strangled with his own seatbelt, Simon may have flown the coop faster than you can say Backdoor Teen Mom.

For Farrah, the season ended with her dialing and re-dialing his number countless times. We feel like this romance may not be built to last.

Amber Portwood and Gary Shirley know the feeling. The parents of Leah were once again feuding over custody and just irate with each other.

Why? We honestly don't even have any idea anymore.

She loves her daughter, though. Amber and her fiance turned a romantic weekend into a play date for Leah so they could spend time with her.

Very sweet. As for Portwood family members' opinion on the sort of shady seeming Matt Baier, it's not good. That's the nicest way we can put it.

On the plus side? No court battle with Gary. Cooler heads prevailed ... for now. The Big Fella also became a dad for the second time recently.

Meanwhile, Catelynn Lowell had a big trip to L.A. coming up and decided to leave newborn baby Nova Reign in the care of her mother, April.

Given the pair's history, this was a very big deal.

April was hoping to see her other grandchild, Carly, for the first time since her birth, but Carly's adoptive mother Teresa didn't agree to bring her.

Disappointing? Yes. But the name of the game.

"You taught me a lot about adoption I didn't know," April told her dughter proudly. "It's not like you're just giving your baby away. I correct people now."

"'They didn't give her away. They placed her.'"

Wow. Is it dusty in here or is it just us?!

Down in Tennessee, mama-to-be Maci Bookout went on a house hunt ... without Bentley, who she is not allowing to film because she hates Farrah.

Oh yes ... Farrah Abraham and Maci Bookout are in the midst of a beef so nasty it's going to be worth watching the reunion episodes for that alone.

But back to the matter at hand, Maci could not help but wonder when Taylor McKinney will propose to her. A good sign? Ryan Edwards approves.

"She’s in a really serious relationship with the guy she’s having a baby with," her first baby daddy told a friend. "His name’s Taylor, he’s a great dude."

"Couldn’t ask for better with that. Gotta put up with her until Bentley’s at least 18, but really for the rest of my life. So I really hope they seal the deal."

Ryan actually moved us a little right there.

Taylor, not so much. We saw the bearded one go ring shopping, then later, back at home, reach over to "get a surprise" from the bedside table ...

A Bud Light.

"Guess you'll have to stay tuned!" McKinney said, practically asking for a raise from MTV and/or a backhanded slap to the face by his baby mama.

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