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Halloween only comes once a year, but Farrah Abraham’s questionable parenting doesn’t take the day off for holidays.

She appeared in a new video alongside her 12-year-old daughter.

There, Farrah ground herself against a broom between her legs alongside suggestive lyrics.

It’s enough to put you off your appetite for leftover Halloween candy.

"Happy Halloween Y’all," Farrah Abraham captioned this video on Instagram.

She then directed her fans and followers to "now go kick satin in the crotch."

As of Monday, November 1, she has not revised this caption.

We will admit that we got a chuckle out of "satin."

Unlike most of Farrah’s garbled nonsense, this is just a common typo.

Presumably, she was directing this violence at "Satan," based upon the lyrics of her latest video.

But Farrah’s violent fantasies regarding the devil are not the main focus.

This is because the video itself is catching people’s attention.

We have included it for your viewing convenience so that you can see why some of her followers are concerned.

The video begins with Farrah and Sophia each being styled by Aitous Nick Rasouli, a Los Angeles-based stylist.

They’re not getting expert makeup or prosthetics for some creepy costume.

Instead of going all out, their outfits are deeply basic — they got dolled up in the process by a true expert.

We then see Farrah and Sophia dancing, with Farrah wearing a cape and Sophia wearing a Ghostface mask.

As some seasonally appropriate (but odd) music says to "Squash Satan, kick ‘im in the crotch," the two dance and mime those words.

But those aren’t the only lyrics that Farrah is taking to heart.

"Grind the witch’s broom," the voice sings.

Farrah uses an ordinary household broom for this part, grinding along it with the same vajayjay that she has previously flashed on the red carpet.

To her credit, she did let Rasouli mime riding the broom.

During this, Sophia also wields a knife — presumably a fake one — to match her Ghostface costume.

On TikTok, Farrah captioned the video: “Guess my favorite line & kick Satin in the crotch.”

People are known to alter words to evade censorship on that dystopian platform, but … we’re genuinely worried that Farrah thinks that it’s spelled "Satin."

“Jesus Christ: let her be a kid," suggested one disgruntled social media user.

It’s unclear if they mean that the video seemed inappropriate for a 12-year-old, which is not unreasonable.

It’s also possible that many feel that Farrah’s apparent need to include Sophia in her social media content is robbing Sophia of her privacy and childhood.

“What are you doing with that broom?” asked a second commenter.

“Um not supposed to thrust the broom Farrah," another gently advised.

Another commenter went so far as to ask if Sophia is currently in “therapy."

Some of that may sound a little bit overblown, even if questions about Farrah’s appropriateness with the broom are very fair.

(In general, try to not "grind" your crotch on anything when your kids are in the room)

But the alarmism has less to do with prudes who hate fun and more to do with … well, Farrah.

Sophia Abraham iwith red velvet hair

If you know that someone’s a cheater, every time that they’re running late or working late or don’t pick up the phone is suspicious.

Meanwhile, that would be absurd and unfair as a way to treat someone who is not a cheater.

The same applies to Farrah: because she makes such poor decision, her every action looks like yet another mistake.

Unfortunately, we all share a little of the blame for Farrah’s social media antics. Just a little.

Over the years, she has learned that pushing the envelope with Sophia in a video will drive engagement and make headlines.

That’s not an excuse for using her tween daughter as prop, but Farrah monetizing her daughter is nothing new.