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Farrah Abraham will never stop being herself.

For many people, it’s good for them to live their authentic truths. Not so much for Farrah.

Amidst her jarring return to Teen Mom, she has a message to her haters and to the universe itself.

Flaunting cash, Farrah wants everyone to know that she’s a "rich bitch."

There exists in this world an Instagram account titled Prop Movie Money.

On that account, Farrah Abraham appears in a new video, posted on Wednesday.

The 30-year-old megaclown is seen awkwardly mouthing lyrics and blinking at the camera.

Farrah Abraham Flaunts Huge Lips

In the video, Farrah is using an array of seemingly mismatched items.

One is a cross necklace, another is a tiara, another is a visor shild mask.

Meanwhile, Farrah more notably wields what appears to be a bag of money and various wads of dollar bills.

Farrah Abraham Returns

During the video, Farrah awkwardly lipsynched, mouthing the lyrics: "I am rich, I am that bitch."

Farrah’s eyes seemed to practically disappeara t times.

Her facial features, including her infamously inflated lips, were blown out of proportion.

Farrah Abraham in Pigtails

As for the video’s caption, it reads "wealth is a mind$et."

Farrah herself commented under the post.

She simply wrote: "Mullah."

Farrah's Face in 2021
Photo via Instagram

What’s happening here?

As you might have guessed, Prop Movie Money is a brand that provides fake money to be used on television.

They note that their materials have been featured on shows as well known as The Ozarks, The Boys, and more.

Farrah Abraham Speaks
Photo via Instagram

Presumably, either this was a cross-promotion, or Farrah was simply hired to draw attention to the brand.

When she does outlandish things, people who already dislike her (that is, anyone familiar with her) cannot help but take notice.

Hey, it worked on us!

Photo via Tiktok

So the idea was likely that the company paid a little bit of real money to Farrah to get their name out there to a few more people.

Many of us don’t always think about where the "cash" used in a bank heist scene, for example, comes from.

It’s fake money, but it has to look real enough for the cameras (without violating any laws, of course).

Farrah Abraham in Glasses

Of course, while Farrah always brings attention to whatever she does, it’s not always positive.

"She’s scary," wrote one commenter.

There are exceptions to the all publicity is good publicity saying, and Farrah is at times one of them.

Photo via Instagram

It’s not just that Farrah is prone to going on unhinged rants.

It’s not even just about her paranoid ramblings about the governmernt, or how she has been called out for racism.

Farrah is also just … maybe not the best representative for flaunting money, fake or not.

Farrah on Herr Gram

Farrah is known for her failed business ventures.

She was also sued a couple of years ago for allegedly failing to pay a hefty amount of rent.

We get that rent is usually excessive, but sometimes Farrah makes inexplicable decisions with the money that she has.

Farrah Abraham in Graduation Gown

Honestly, the money stuff is understandable — this is a woman who had a kid when she was still a child herself.

Adding to that her childhood trauma and what is obviously some sort of cognitive disability that Farrah does not acknowledge, and she’s not set up for success.

In fact, the ways that she has managed to monetize her infamy are downright impressive.

Farrah Abraham With Humongous Lips

But Farrah is simply, at the end of the day, not a good person.

She can make headlines, but struggles to make friends or genuine fans.

Maybe capitalizing on her infamous delusions of grandeur is a solid marketing strategy, but it could always backfire on your brand.