Facebook Live: Woman Captures Video of Own Horrific Death

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Live-streaming has brought about wonderful changes in our society. Unfortunately, sometimes, it allows the world to witness terrible tragedies as they're captured on video.

Like this video, in which a young woman is happily singing and chattering with a friend and streaming it over Facebook Live until the deadly accident, leaving the phone recording until an emergency responder shuts it off.

You can see her final moments in the video below, but you might want to brace yourselves.

Facebook Live Death 1

The young woman in the foreground is Nikol Barabasova, and she put up a lengthy Facebook Live stream while out driving with a friend.

Local authorities reported that she died in this sudden and jarring crash.

She was 22-years-old.

Nikol's friend, shown in the other seat, is still in intensive care.

Reports say that she has intensive head injuries.

Facebook Live Death 2

We have the final moments below, but the full video features a couple dozen minutes of happy chattering and singing.

You know, road trip stuff.

Social media is wonderful in that it allows people to broadcast their lives.

One person can touch the lives of friends and family but also touch the hearts of strangers.

Unfortunately, that happiness isn't fated to last.

Facebook Live Death 3

Reportedly, the vehicle was 74.5 mph in Obrnice, Czech Republic.

It struck a barrier.

You can see and hear Nikol and her friend respond.

Nikol makes what looks like a joking "ahh" noise.

We really wish that things had remained so lighthearted.

She then lets out a genuine scream.

Facebook Live Death 4

Before you even realize what's happening, the car flips over.

The broadcast continues, however.

And there's an eerie quiet within the car.

After so much video of her sounding so happy and animated ... the silence is deafening.

We never wanted to understand what a "deathly silence" really sounded like.

Though you can still hear the window-wipers running after-the-fact.

(Our video won't make you sit through minutes of that until the emergency responder ends the live-stream, though)

Facebook Live Death 5

We do think that it's important to note a few things.

First of all, Nikol's Facebook Live stream doesn't seem to be in any way related to the crash.

We don't know for sure all of the details yet.

Local police are investigating.

But blaming technology or live-streaming or Facebook Live itself would be ridiculous, even if we thought that distraction had played a role in the crash.

And we don't even know that.

Right now, it looks like this was just a tragedy.

Sometimes, it's a simple as that.

See for yourself ... if you're up for it:

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