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On the season 6 premiere of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?, the unthinkable happened.

Andrei Castravet actually wanted a job.

He eventually agreed to work for his father-in-law’s company, but Chuck wanted to talk it over with the family.

Their reactions made Elizabeth so angry that she stormed out.

In this sneak peek, Chuck Potthast has called a family meeting.

He once again offered Andrei a job — this time, as a counter-offer to Andrei’s absurd proposition.

Unlike so many times when Chuck has begged and pleaded, Andrei accepted this time.

Andrei Castravet - if you're considering their feelings already

But Chuck wants to talk it over with his adult children.

He emphasized that it’s his decision, but he wants to at least have the conversation.

Andrei, who has spent years alienating his in-laws with constant rudeness, was less than enthused.

It turns out that "less than enthused" sort of sets the tone for the Potthast family as a whole.

In this sneak peek clip, we see Chuck having that conversation with the family around a kitchen island.

And while it’s not quite a chorus of "no," it could certainly be going better.

"I’m gonna give him a chance," Jenn promises her father.

"But," Andrei’s sister-in-law admits, "I am very … hesitant on it, I will say."

Indeed, she sounded hesitant for that entire statement.

"I am willing to work with him," Becky then affirms when it’s her turn.

"But," she emphasizes, "he’s not going to take over what I do."

Attention then turns to the brother, Charlie, who has by far the worst relationship with Andrei.

"The last time we saw this guy in Moldova, we found out he was a criminal," Charlie recalls bitterly.

"And then," he continues, "this guy tries to hit me."

With a tone of disbelief, Charlie gripes: "And now I’m just supposed to welcome him with open arms to the family business? Nah."

Chuck Potthast meets with Andrei Castravet to hear him out

Continuing to speak to the camera, Charlie says: "He needs to come, basically, kiss our ass."

Charlie believes that Andrei should take a conciliatory tone "and say, ‘I’m sorry’ … that’s just the bottom line."

He doesn’t say quite as much when explaining his position to his family, however.

It’s not because Charlie is mincing words to his family, however.

Instead, he is even more blunt.

"I got one thing to say, OK, f–k him," Charlie announces.

Andrei Castravet shares his grand ambitions

Charlie continues: "If he wants to do this, earn it — earn it."

A furious Elizabeth begins preparing to leave in a huff.

Libby tells her brother: "You’re not gonna say ‘f–k him,’ that’s my husband, OK?"

Charlie counters: "Yeah I will, because he’s saying f–k you to us!"

He explains what he means by that: "He doesn’t respect us. He doesn’t respect [Chuck]."

That certainly seems to be the case.

"I’m just feeling, like, really defeated," Elizabeth then expresses to the camera.

She feels defeated "because my husband is trying, and I know that he’s trying."

"And everyone is saying, like, he needs to do this, he needs to do that," Libby gripes.

Andrei Castravet - I just want to start working

"But he’s just trying to do what is best for his family and to try to make money," Elizabeth characterizes.

She then rhetorically asks: "What’s so f–king wrong with that?"

The answer is probably years of behavior before this. He burned a lot of bridges that must now be rebuilt.