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90 Day FIance: Happily Ever After? has begun its sixth season!

The infamous Angela returns, an ocean away from her husband, Michael.

That means that he cannot stop her from getting surgery over her objections.

Andrei finally wants a job … but his plan to get one has Elizabeth’s whole family up in arms.

Can he swallow his pride enough to work with the Potthasts?

Julia and Brandon are on a celebratory trip to Vegas.

But Julia is ready to move there right now — so long as she doesn’t have to return to the farm.

Kalani has a plan to fix her marriage to Asuelu by getting their own house.

This plan sounds like a last ditch effort … because it is. And things are about to become more complicated.

Finally, we catch up with Mike and Natalie half a year into their marriage.

Things seem good between them. Too good to last, in fact.