Eagles Fan Attacks Girlfriend, Puts Dog in Microwave Following Playoff Defeat

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This scary sports news centers upon allegations made about a player, not about a fan.

After an argument about the Philadelphia Eagles' loss on Sunday, a woman allegedly attacked her girlfriend.

She also put the couple's pomeranian dog into the microwave and threatened to kill it.

Philadelphia Eagles Helmet

On Sunday, the Philadelphia Eagles -- a football team -- experienced a loss to the New Orleans Saints.

It happens sometimes. That's how things work in the world of sports.

Sports fans are naturally enthusiastic about the victories and losses of their favorite teams.

But according to police, a woman named Kirsten Gaskins took her enthusiasm way, way too far.

This Philadelphia woman is now facing charges of simple assault, harassment, cruelty to animals, and possession of drug paraphernalia.

That last charge stems from a marijuana grinder that police found in Gaskins' pocket.

pomeranian generic image from ig

(This is a pomeranian, not the pomeranian in question)

According to the criminal complaint, Gaskins was drunk and began yelling about the loss that the Eagles experienced.

The couple was staying at a hotel in Hanover Township, Pennsylvania for a weekend trip.

While it is unclear why this incident turned violent, Gaskins allegedly shoved the other woman to the floor.

This is when, the police say, she began striking her girlfriend repeatedly.

Eventually, the victim was able to push off her attacker and escape.

Police say that the victim had blood on her ear andcuts on her nose and cheek when they arrived.

microwave generic image from ig

During the couple's argument and fight, Gaskins had allegedly threatened to kill their dog, a pomeranian.

When police arrived, they found the pomeranian in a closed microwave.

Thankfully, thankfully, the dog did not appear to have been physically harmed.

Microwaves are small, enclosed spaces even for a very small dog, and we can only imagine the horror of that experience.

(Yes, dogs can be traumatized, just as humans can)

We are relieved that both of Gaskins' alleged victims survived.

Gaskins was released on $20,000 bail.

2 pomeranians generic image from ig

It is important to remember that people within the LGBTQ+ community are people just like everyone else.

Unfortunately, no demographic is immune to the horrors of abuse.

People of any sexuality, gender, religion, race, or ethnicity could inflict abuse or experience it.

Abuse is never the fault of the victim.

While domestic violence is always the responsibility of the abuser, there are reliable indicators of violence from certain abusers.

For some, that indicator is alcohol, which they feel gives them an excuse to attack others.

Statistics have shown time and time again that certain sporting events are linked to increased domestic violence as abusers vent their rage on their helpless family.

Pomeranian dancing meme gif from viral video

On a brighter note, please enjoy this gif of a pomeranian happily dancing during a haircut.

The video of this dog has enjoyed viral fame because it fills us all with affection and warmth.

That is what dogs do.

That is also supposed to be what family and romantic partners do for one another.

There's no easy answer for people who face domestic violence, but we should all be prepared to offer our emotional support to those who finally escape.

We wish both the woman and the pomeranian the best.

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