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While they may be obnoxious to deal with in real life, super drunk people make for some seriously amusing YouTube videos.

Boozy logic makes no sense to the sober mind, that’s why it’s so amusing to see a drunk guy freak out over mac and cheese, or a Florida woman recording herself driving drunk, then acting all shocked when she gets pulled over.

What’s great about the newest Drunk Guy Acts Like a Jackass on YouTube clip is that the sober guy in the video attempts to reason with the total stranger who’s passed out in his bed.

Judging by the accents and the behavior of the insanely friendly homeowner, we’re guessing this incident occurred in Canada – home to the world’s most polite drunks.

Watch until the end to see just how chill things get between these two Canucks, and ask yourself if you’d be so laid back after finding a belligerent stranger in your bed. The answer is no. You would not.