Jennifer Lawrence: My Ass Almost Killed a Man!

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How precious is Jennifer Lawrence?

That's actually a trick question, because there's no real way to calculate just how precious she is.

If we tried, our feeble human brains would likely explode and drip from our ears in a tragic, graphic example of what can happen if you fly too close to the sun.

Yes, J-Law is the sun. Bright, beautiful, life-sustaining, and so, so hot.

But, much like the sun, she could be capable of so much destruction.

Jennifer Lawrence Smirk

And, as she tells in this absolutely delightful new interview on The Graham Norton Show, she almost destroyed one person's life while filming a movie.

Literally. She almost killed someone.

Jennifer, who was on the show with Chris Pratt to promote their new movie, Passengers, says that while she was in Hawaii filming the second Hunger Games movie, Catching Fire, she had to wear a wetsuit for long periods of time.

The poor girl got an uncontrollable ass itch -- it happens to the best of us -- but she couldn't really get in there to scratch it because of the suit.

But our dear J-Law is a problem solver, so she saw some rough old boulders, just sitting there, waiting to assist her.

And what happened next ... well, just watch the video below:

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