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Turns out, there’s one thing Denzel Washington can do even better than act.

And that is this:

Not possess a sense of humor.

Photo via YouTube

The Oscar-winning actor sat down for an interview this week alongside director Antoine Fuqua, the man behind the camera for Denzel’s next film, The Magnificent Seven.

It opens on September 23.

But that isn’t the point right now, even if we do plan on seeing the movie. (Heck, Chris Pratt is also in it. How can we not?!?)

In the following clip, Washington is asked about the meme that spread around the Internet last year after Washington showed up for the Floyd Mayweather-Manny Pacquiao boxing match with quite an impressive mustache.

He was also wearing the sort of track suit one would not expect to see on Denzel Washington.

It was a rare glimpse at a celebrity who is typically dapper, proper, dressed for success and seriousness.

So of course the Internet had a bit of fun with it.

You remember that meme, right? Here is one example of it:

Photo via YouTube

And here is another:

Photo via YouTube

And here is another:

Denzel Washington Mustache Photo

Pretty funny, right?

Not to Denzel.

When asked for his thoughts on the meme, Washington replied as follows:

“If I had my wallet, I’d show it to you. Because they didn’t know what I was doing. They don’t need to know.”

We’re not entirely sure what the first part of that statement means.

But Denzel was NOT smiling when he uttered it.

The mustache was for this role in The Magnificent Seven, which Washington then used as a platform to sit down and preach.

“Those who can, do. Those who can’t, talk about those who can,” he said.

“Are you just one that sits on the sideline to talk about other people, or can you step up?”

He was so proud of this statement that he said it twice to the interviewer, just to make sure he got it all in order to Tweet it to his followers.

Sheesh! Sorry, Denzel.

Sorry we tried to have a bit of fun with your facial hair.

We’ll never make that mistake again and we’ll take a long, hard look in the mirror in order to reassess our life.

We’ll do our best to be ones who can. Thank you so much for these sage words.

Watch the exchange below: